Thursday, 8 September 2011

Autumn Palette - Fabric

Colette Patterns Fall Palette ChallengeSince I first posted about my Autumn Palette Inspiration a couple of weeks ago, I was delighted to see that Sarai from Colette Patterns has announced her Fall Palette Challenge (FPC), following on from her very successful Spring Palette Challenge (SPC). The SPC was really my inspiration to try and create an Autumn Palette to sew from, as I thought it would lead to a more structured sewing experience and ulimately lead to pieces which complement each other!

My first post introduced my colour palette of puple, pink, mustard and blue-grey (to the right) which I explained was partly due to the Pantone Fall Colour palette and partly based on the fabrics I had in my stash. So I thought I would share the fabrics I plan to use over the next few months:

This is a very heavy-weight purple cotton which my Mum gave to me way back when I first got my sewing machine. It has never really inspired me, but right now I feel it is begging to be made into a pencil skirt. I have at least 3 meters of this though, so I could get another piece from it as well if I want.

A medium-weight linen with a lovely floral pattern. The colours look better in real-life, but it's got both bright pink and purple in it so it sould hopefully co-ordinate with a lot of other peices. Again, I see this as a pencil skirt. 

I love this fabric. It's a gorgeous bright pink wool/silk tweed (yep, silk!), which has an orange and a purple slub to it. Again, I'm hoping to make a skirt out of this (yes, I have pencil skirts on the brain at the moment!).

This fabric has almost all my palette colours in it! It's the light cotton that I brough back from my Thailand holiday. At the moment I'm planning to make a dress out of this - it will probably be a transition peice (based on the weather I had better get sewing then! lol).

This is actually a large scarf from Primark but I loved the colour and print so much I bought two with the plans of making something out of it! It's rather fine and sheer so anything I do make with it will either have to be underlined, lined or I wear something under it.

Another fabric kindly given to me from my Mum. This is an absolutely gorgeous heavy Irish linen and I have about 2m of (probably more...I haven't actually checked!). I have a few ideas for this so at the moment I'm not sure. But I know it would match well with a lot of the other fabrics here, so perhaps a top would be a good idea. Maybe I should go and find out exactly how much I have because I would also really like a dress out of this!!

Hmmm... I realise I don't actually have much in the line of 'Bamboo' or 'Quarry' here! I think, certainly for Bamboo, that these colours will be introduced into the mix via accessories. I've spotted a lovely mustard moleskin online which I think could be pretty amazing made into an obi belt and perhaps an envelope clutch.....I just have to persuade myself to pay for the steep postage (or add lots of other things I 'need' into the package to justify it! Ha...does that logic sound familiar to anyone else!).

P.S. Another thing which is quite difficult to get done with kittens is blogging! I'm currently sharing my lap with my laptop and one of the kittens....who is trying to eat my top at the moment!!!


  1. Well obviously you will now need more fabric to make a top to replace the one the kitten's eating, so add that to your moleskin... What was that? I'm not helping? :oD

  2. I love all those pieces! So lovely! I'm also on a huge pencil skirt kick. It seems like every piece of fabric I buy is for that purpose!

  3. I love the pallete, and your fabrics are gorgeous! ~ Peggy

  4. The Pantone color palette always inspires me, too. But, so far I haven't jumped onto the palette-inspired Sew-Alongs since my sewing plans always gets distracted. Plus, I don't have a "stash" so for me planning four or five coordinating pieces would mean to buy that much fabric. And, I tend to fall for the nice fabric. Eeep! Anyway, I'm inspired by others with stashes, so I can't wait these pieces become. Love the kittens, by the way.


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