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Saturday, 21 January 2012

I made it…AND I wore it! 3

blue skirt 031

Necklace - present, Cardigan - Primark, Vest - Zara, Skirt - Me, Shoes - Clarks, Cute Kitty Canvas - c/o my lovely man as a Christmas pressie!

This week for my IMIAIWI (catchy no? Ha) challenge I decided to wear one of the first things I ever made - my navy blue skirt with a red trim. Being Winter, I had to pair the skirt with thick tights and since this skirt is made out of basic cotton I wore a half slip underneath to stop the dreaded skirt-riding-up-on-tights look. Sigh. It didn't work. Any time spent walking I also spent pulling down the skirt while acting like nothing was wrong and I wasn't secretly hoping that no one could see my knickers! And another bad thing about wearing clothes made of pure cotton - wrinkles! This skirt is wrinkled beyond belief the moment you sit down in it once.

So I have decided that I'm getting rid of this skirt. I'm probably going to salvage the button and the zip, and then I'm just going to chuck it! And I'm not sad at all. I do think that the skirt looks very nice in all the photos I have of it, but in real life it just doesn't work. It served a very important purpose at the time, a stepping stone along the way to learning how to sew, but there really is little point in keeping it now - it's just taking up space in my wardrobe where something more useful could be hanging!

The great thing about this challenge is that, as well as forcing me to wear my handmade clothes, I'm finally getting a feeling of what's good and what's not - and that's the whole point of doing this. The other thing I'm noticing is that I have a definite 'style', which I actually wasn't aware of - quarter-length sleeve fitted cardi anyone??!! I can't believe I have noticed this after only 3 outfits! Oh dear...I think I need to experiment a little!

blue skirt 026
 And here's a shot in my 'sewing room' (aka loft conversion/storage room/boyfriends laundry room!). No, I didn't bother tidying up (this shot is actually quite tidy)...I'm keeping it real man, keeping it real!

Q. Have you ever got rid of your handmade things? Did you feel sad to see them go, or did you find it liberating?

Monday, 6 June 2011

Do you like my top - I MADE IT MYSELF!!!

My fellow stitchers (term shamelessly stolen from Tilly), I wish to pick your brains. You see, last week I finished my lovely (if I do say so myself) Pendrell blouse and I excitedly wore it out for lunch with my friends the very next day. I was all primed and ready to gush 'what, this old thing - why I made it myself'....but the compliment I was waiting for (expecting??!!) never came. I did get a lovely compliment about my white jacket and my purse ...but even though I was obviously very happy to be complimented at all (I don't want you thinking I expect compliments thrown at me every day!), I really wanted to say 'Yeah yeah, but what about my top - did you not notice my TOP??!!'. But you can't do that - or can you?

Offending jacket and purse!

So this is what I wanted to ask you...when you make something and wear it out for the first time do you tell everyone you see straight off that you made said item, or do you leave it for them to comment and then say in a very blase manner 'oh yes, I made that'? If you are anything like me, you are just so excited and pleased to have made something (actually wearable) that you are dying to tell everyone! But then I fear of either sounding like a complete show-off (which is not what my intentions are at all) or else I fear that they will get sick of me saying it. Or worse - and here comes the complete paranoia - if you tell someone that you made something then they are obliged to tell you how nice it is...even if they may not think it is!

Yes yes, enough about the jacket - what about this top??!!!

So I'm curious - what do you do in situations like that?

P.S. I wore my Pendrell the next day to work and I got a lovely compliment....on my shoes!

Monday, 16 May 2011

Mode Mondays - Lace

So you may have notices from my Sneak Peak, that I'm currently working on a lace dress. So to keep with that theme I thought that I would to a Mode Mondays focusing on the lace trend that seems to be very much in at the moment.

Lets look at lace skirts first:

I love that the lining is shorter than the lace overlay - you can really appreciate the intricate border.

 Pencil skirt + lace = love!

 This is very subtle, and essentially would be quite simple to do. A nice way of adding lace to your office look, without it being too formal.

 The lace in this skirt is exquisite! The style is simple and you could easily draft this from an existing pattern - but it's the lace that makes it so special.

 I just love this. Enough said.

And now onto the dresses:

 I picked this one because it's the only lace dress I was able to find in a similar style to the one I've made - ooo a wee clue to what my dress will look like!

 Daisy Lowe modelling her mothers line at Peacocks (UK only I think?). I love the sleeves in this.

And this dress is included because the colouring is similar to my dress - I like the nude/beige lining, I think it's very chic.

Christine Bleakley (from good ol' Norn Iron) in a dress with lace cut-outs (sorry, not sure of the correct terminology for this!). I think this is a lovely idea, but I do feel this dress is a little too 'wedding' being lace and white.

And I couldn't talk about lace without including a picture of Cathrine's stunning gown. I just love. (Sorry if you are sick of seeing pics of her dress!)

There are sooo many more gorgeous lace dresses out there I could have gone on for ever. I've just included the main one's that are in my inspiration folder. I really do love the lace look - hopefully the sun will come out soon and I'll be able to get some shots of my own lace creation to share with you!!!

Don't forget that my giveaway is still open! If you fancy two chances of winning some lovely fabric, lace and vintage patterns head on over!

Monday, 21 February 2011

Mode Mondays - Kate Spade

One of the style blogs I follow is What Would Emma Pillsbury Wear? (WWEPW) which is a fun look at the fashion styles that Emma Pillsbury wears, a character from Glee. Like many many others out there, I do love her style - her colour blocking pencil skirts and cardies, cute brooches and jewellery and floral shift dresses.

WWEPW recently drew my attention to Kate Spade's website and her new spring collection, and I have to say I am in love. I ended up putting nearly all of it into my 'style inspiration' folder (come on, we all have one of these right?!). Here is just a taster:

Love the nautical feel of this skirt - and the red shoes!

You can never go wrong with hounds tooth

Apparently the waist band of this skirt is a ribbon - has anyone ever made a skirt with a waist band like this? I'm curious as to how secure/stable this would be.

Polka dots and pink tights!

The colours in this dress remind me of a lot of the colours kicking around in peoples Colette Spring Palette Challenge.

You can't tell in this picture, but the design of this cute ruffle top is little flowers with heart shaped heads

Polka dots and ruffles!

There is so much more on the website, including gorgeous shoes and cute belts with fun buckles. I want it all - but not at the prices they are going for...there is nothing under £100! I think it's fashion like this that inspires me to sew...stylish, clean 'simple' lines that (in my head-in-the-clouds mind) I think I could perhaps make myself!

Monday, 31 January 2011

Mode Monday - Tribal

It's a look that has had many resurrections, and I do love it every time - perhaps it's from growing up in Indonesia that draws me back to the patterns and shapes that come with the 'tribal' look. Here are a few collections of the current incarnation of the trend:

Tribal Accessories

Tribal Accessories by Su-Sews-So-So featuring tribal jewelry

It's amazing how a fantastic print or fabric can transform quite a simple garment style. I guess that's what dressmaking opens your eyes up to. The problem is trying to track down that fabulous fabric!!!

Monday, 24 January 2011

Mode Mondays - Bold Colour Pencil Skirts

I'm really loving pencil skirts at the moment, especially bold block colour ones - perhaps styled up a bit like Emma Pillsbury.

I'm on the look out for the perfect pencil skirt. I tried making one last year, but it was a disaster - and I'm not even sure why! But the last two Burda Style magazines have a plethora of gorgeous looking patterns:

From Burda 01-2011

Both from Burda 02-2011

Bonus for the skirt in the January issue - it is the 'Sewing Course', so a much more detailed explanation on the method. That's actually the main reason I bought that issue, as the other patterns weren't very inspiring for me (MORE harem pants?!! Why Burda, why?!!). I will definitely be following the sewing course for the first skirt and I have quite a stash of gorgeous fabrics that I want to make into pencil watch this space (er...I hope you are patient....!)

Monday, 10 January 2011

Mode Mondays - Jewel PussyBow Blouses

I'm really loving Pussy-Bow Blouses at the moment. The little touch of vintage, elegance and sophistication. They are great for work, on their own or under a jumper or vest. I'm also loving these jewel coloured versions:

Monday, 27 December 2010

Mode Mondays - New Years Eve Glam

I found an article on the Daily Mail website (UK newspaper) and fell in love with some of the outfits so I had to share:

Feathers! I wonder how difficult this would be to do - has anyone sewn with feathers before? Any tips?

Feminine Tux and short skirt - love this look

And my favourite - what a DRESS!! I just love the emerald green colour. I want this dress in my life!

Monday, 20 December 2010

Mode Mondays

I'm loving capes at the moment. I've been feeling the love for them ever since I came across this New Look pattern (6916):

I'm not sure exactly how long this pattern has been out for but I feel like I have been ogling over it for about a year now and finally bought it over the Summer.

And then...the CAPE took centre stage and became one of the the fashion items to own this Autumn! That did annoy me somewhat, as i thought having a cape would be a slightly quirky thing to make as it's not (or it wasn't) very common. But, with it's popularity, comes lots of inspiration to pull from - do there is some good! So here are a few of the capes out there that I'm drooling over:

TopShop Red Duffle Cape

Aubin and Willis Nautical Style dark blue cape

Sienna Miller rocking a red cape with black fur trim

Random lady rocking a grey check cape with funnel neck

The big question with capes - handbag!! Sienna and the random lady both show that a shoulder strap is just not practical with a cape. That is my main issue with capes to be honest - otherwise I think they are awesome!!

And I'm mid-way through making my own version of New Look 6916 actually! I would be finished by now, except I have gone off the lining I have chosen (I think my boyfriend likening me to Superman did no favours!) and having been in search of something better. I think I have found it though, so hopefully I will get this finished soon - the tough bit ahead is a LOT of unpicking!!

Monday, 13 December 2010

Mode Mondays

'Tis the wrap up in warm cosy knits! And there is something about snowy days that just demands Fair isle knits. Well that's what I'm thinking anyway - I'm really loving all the Fair isle fashion out there at the moment - it's so Christmassy as well.

Lovely grey Fair isle knit skirt from Pilot - I don't think this would be very forgiving, so definitely one to be worn on 'skinny thigh' days only!

Some Fair isle on the catwalk - love the one on the left

Gorgeous polo neck dress from Victoria Secrets

I like the pattern on this - but I think I would need to team it with thick woolly tights and a cardi, or something underneath to justify wearing it at this time of year!

LOVE these! Latvian mittens apparently - I want them ALL!

More Fair isle, this time from Next. My fav is the one on the right...I might be going to seek this one out at lunchtime today....

OK, perhaps not quite the right thing to show here - but I thought it was so cute! Perhaps I could argue that it's Mode pour la Maison!

This is my absolute FAVOURITE of the bunch actually. But unfortunately I think this dress is from 2008 (Urban Outfitters)

P.S. I'll be back later this week with...wait for it....a post with a FINISHED dress!!! Wowie - I actually finish some projects I start! Hope you can check it out, I think it's really cute :)
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