Friday, 7 September 2012

DIY I Do–The Theme

SandR Wedding Mood Board

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For months I have been going back on forth on ‘themes’ for my wedding. I have been loving the whole vintage/shabby-chic styling that a lot of weddings are sporting at the moment, with the mis-matched floral china, burlap bunting and wild flowers, and I was pretty much set on that for quite some time. But then I came across the knot tying diagram (in the collage above) and knew I had found my theme. How perfect for Robin and I! Not just because the first figure looks like an ‘R’ and an ‘S’ that ‘tie the knot’, but because both of us love water sports and being by the sea. So our nautical theme was born.

Pinterest is a gift and a curse for wedding inspiration. I have spent far too many hours drooling over all the beautiful, gorgeous wedding images over there, and as any of you who follow me you will know, pinning on to a million different wedding boards! It’s great to have so much inspiration all in one place for free. No need to go and buy a stack of expensive wedding magazines (although I may have done a bit of this too!). The curse of course is that it’s almost TOO much inspiration. I have a million and one different ideas of what I would like my wedding to look like and I find myself getting carried away. Luckily Rob is a lot more grounded (as most men are), and has reigned in my fanciful ideas many times already.

So I decided it was time to be decisive and pick specific ideas or photos to base our wedding on and have created a mood-board to show this. It relaxed my mind almost instantly, as well as got me super excited! Gone are all the other images that I loved (OK, they are all still on my other wedding boards) and all I have are the ones that I’m going to use for OUR wedding. This is what it’s going to look like – how exciting!

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Yes. I’m crap…

pencil skirtmugknotbombshell dress
Just some of the things I’ve been doing (but not blogging) recently!

Ah – what a title to lure you in! A crap title for a crap blogger! I am still around, I have just lost my blogging mojo recently, so I’m sorry about that guys. Hopefully now that Autumn is approaching I may be more inclined to sew and blog again and we can get this place in better shape!

But in the mean time I just wanted to say a massive ‘thank you’ to everyone who wrote such wonderful thoughts, anecdotes and tips on my last post about a DIY wedding. I must have hit a chord with a lot of you as I’ve never had so many fantastic comments. I really appreciate everyone who took the time to tell me about their experiences and offer their advice – it has been very enlightening and so helpful. Oh, and keep them coming if you think of anything else!

I haven’t been sewing for a about a month – I think after the epic last minute sewing of the bombshell dress (image above, post to follow soon I hope!) I needed a break! But I have been having itchy fingers again and was back behind the machine again last night (whipping up a really fun and easy instant gratification jersey dress – I’m planning to share a tutorial of sorts on it soon too. Although, it’s so easy it doesn’t really need a tutorial!).

Plus I haven’t shared my completed purple Jenny skirt yet so realise that I need to get photos and a post up on that! Oh, and I’ve been teaching myself how to tie a Monkey Fist Knot (above, bottom left) and will be sharing the plans for that with you guys soon too.

So – hopefully lots to look forward to here. Let’s just hope I get my ass in gear and actually post some sh*t!


P.S. Totally in love with my new ‘Seamstress’ mug from Merchant & Mills (above, top right)
P.P.S. All photos from my instagram (susewssoso) account and shared on Twitter, if you want to follow Winking smile

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