Friday, 30 September 2011

Cushions and Kittens

As I mentioned in a previous post, I don’t have as much time for ‘selfish’ sewing at the moment as my boyfriend and I are hoping to move house and need to dedicate our free time to sprucing up our current house. It’s very frustrating at times because I am longing to get stuck into making the skirts and tops from my Autumn sewing plan. But you have to prioritise I suppose.
Today I have a couple of cushions which I made for our living room recently. It’s ironic, because I hadn’t planned on sewing anything for the living room (the bedrooms need the most work), but when you accidentally put cream cushion covers in the wash with red ones you end up with new cushion covers to sew (unless salmon pink suits your decor)!!
Cats, cushions and gifts 074
These have been on our couch for about a week, so they are looking a little crumpled now – sorry about that!!!
Cats, cushions and gifts 073
I whipped these up one evening using a very simple envelope method. The buttons are just there for effect, they aren’t functional! The fabric is from Ikea and the buttons I got on Ebay.
Cats, cushions and gifts 075

And because I now share my home with two kittens, they were of course desperate to find out what I was doing…
Cats, cushions and gifts 076
Biscuit investigating the cushion (or the cup of coffee more likely – that’s not for kittens!!!)
Cats, cushions and gifts 079
And then settles down for a snooze. It’s amazing what different personalities these two sisters have. Biscuit is calm and subdued. Bean…is always up to mischief:
Cats, cushions and gifts 081
“Hello. What’s this little round thing..haven’s seen this before…”
Cats, cushions and gifts 083
Naughty Paw in the air…
Cats, cushions and gifts 084
POW!! Kitten attack! Oi – get off my new cushion!!!

…we have to keep our cushions turned with the buttons hidden when we go out for the day now!
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