Friday, 26 August 2011

Autumn Palette Inspiration

Like a lot of other people out there in the Blogosphere, my mind has recently turned to thinking about my Autumn wardrobe and perhaps doing some sewing to compliment this. Now, that all sounds rather fancy to me....a seasonal wardrobe is not something I think I have ever really thought about before - but ever since starting to sew, and following sewing and style blogs I have started to develop a much stronger sense of fashion, style and the desire to develop my own personal image (I am definitely still in the developing stage!).

The first stage for the plan is to come up with a palette. Conveniently, Pantone did this ages ago, behold Pantone's Fall 2011 palette (which I'm sure most of you have all seen by now):

OK, so perhaps you are thinking that was a bit lazy of me and very uninspired. However, it just so happens that on inspection of my fabric stash, a very large portion have an element of those colours within them (future post to come on this). Or to be more specific, these four:

So that is going to be my Autumn (because I'm not American!) palette. I do love the other colours, and I will probably occasionally lean towards some of them, but in reality I know I don't suit them. If you want to get into 'colours' I'm a classic 'winter' (which is a whole other post....that I probably will never write about - there are lots of sites on the Internet about colours so do have a wee search if you are curious) and out of the 10 lovely colours Pantone suggest, only honeysuckle and phlox are suitable for Winters. It just so happens that I have a lot of pink and purple in my stash, so this will be the basis of my wardrobe, and I'll try and build around it. I absolutely love the bamboo shade at the moment too, but as I know it would make me look a bit ill if worn next to my face, I will have to introduce it in small doses - for example with accessories.

I have to say that Pantone got it spot on with their prediction - the shops, now full of their Autumn collections, are all supporting apparel in these shades. Which is another reason why my choice to follow this colour palette is savvy rather than lazy - I am not a speed stitcher, and there is no possibility of me sewing up an entire Autumn wardrobe! So with these colours now readily available in the shops, I should, in theory, be able to buy complimentary pieces to go with my sewn garments.

Anyway, as my post title suggests, this is an inspiration post - so let's get cracking. Here are images from the web which have been inspiring me:


Purple or 'Phlox':

Pink or 'Honeysuckle':

Pink in tops:


'Bamboo' and 'Quarry':

From Etsy:

You may have noticed that all the links are to Pintrest. I am a Pintrest fiend and spend way too much time on there - there is just so much inspiration!!!! The link takes you to my 'Autumn 2011 Inspiration' Board, but feel free to check out my other boards too (a little insight into things I like...and other projects I'm planning!).

What's inspiring you at the moment?


  1. Oh dear, I'm going to be sooo unfashionable this autumn. Oh no, wait, I'm always unfashionable lol But I do have some material for a skirt in quarry and bamboo, so maybe I can be occasionally in vogue :oD

  2. You picked some very beautiful images for inspiration! My was put together in a hurry and totally looks it, but I am really getting inspired by looking through your images. Cannot wait to see what you sew up.


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