Friday, 9 September 2011

Autumn Sewing Planning

You've seen my colour palette, you've seen my let's see what I plan to make!

I'm going to start with the skirts, because I think this 'wardobe' is going to predominately revolve around them.
  • First up is Burda 8155, view B, which I plan to make out of my floral linen. This is suppose to be quite an easy pattern so I hope I will be able to make this up with little hassle (ha...famous last words perhaps!). 
  • Next is the infamous Jenny from A lot of bloggers have made this skirt and all seem to rave about I think I would be crazy not to make this! I'm going to be following the wonderful Pencil Skirt Sew-along by A Fashionable Stitch (back then known as the Cupcake Goddess), and I'll definitely be adding the back vent in place of the slit.
  • And finally I would like to make the gorgeous silk/wool tweed fabric I have into a skirt too. I'm a little concerned about fiddling with narrow pieces of this fabric (such as a thin waistband) due to the fray factor, so I've tried to pick a pattern which I think would work well with the tweed. At the moment I'm planning on using the Burda skirt 07/2010 107B...but we will see how the muslin works out!
  • I'm also going to line all these skirts to make them suitable to wear with tights without riding up while walking!! 

Well if I'm going to make skirts...I need some tops to match too! Unfortunately this is where I am not so sure what to do. At the moment the plan is:
  • Making the infamous Colette Sorbetto top (for anyone who hasn't heard of this - it's a fantastic free pattern offered by the gorgeous Sarai of Colette Patterns!!) out of the scarf fabric from Primark. The photo doesn't do the fabric colours justice, because when held up to both the pink tweed and the heavy purple cotton it actually goes really well. I mentioned in my last post that this fabric is quite sheer, so I would need to wear a vest under this I think. And I'll definitely be doing french seams or it will be another case of fray-city!
  • The second pattern is Burda 02/2011 102A...but I'm not 100% sure about this choice. I have a gorgeous bright pink linen which goes fantastically with all the skirt fabrics. My ideal pattern would be a cowl top which I could tuck into the skirts...but I just can't find anything suitable, any cowl patterns seem to be for knit fabrics only (if anyone has any suggestions please do let me know!). I may try to draft a pattern based on a couple of tops I have....but for now I'm going to say that I'll make the Burda top, perhaps underlining it to give it a bit more stability (although the linen is quite heavy in it's own right).

And finally, I may make a dress too (lol, in my planning dreams I live in a different time continuum where I can go to work, spend time with my boyfriend, have a social life, play with kittens, cook, exercise AND make all of these things over a couple of months!). The plan at the moment is New Look 6557 in the lovely light-weight purple floral cotton I brought back from Thailand. The bodice will definitely be underlined and I'll probably line the skirt. The theory behind using New Look 6557 is that I used this pattern to make my blue lace dress, so it should be easy enough to make 2nd time round.

I'm taking my sewing machine in to be looked at I have no idea whether they will be able to fix it there an then, or if it's a bigger job! Perhaps these sewing plans may have to wait, but I hope not! I shall just have to 'prep' in the mean time.


  1. For the cowl top, have a look at StyleArc Emma top. I have this pattern in a 10.... It's a lovely pattern but I've heard shipping is a bit expensive.. Hint hint I may be able to send a copy....

  2. Love how you've sketched these up (how have you done this btw? The computer geek in me would like to know lol) Looks like you're going to have a fantastic wardrobe.

    I've got a sudden bee in my bonnet to sew a corduroy skirt after I saw a fab one in Fat Face, which I loved, but about which I also thought 'I can sew that, and in more than one colour'. So we'll see what the fabric shop has in stock when I paddle up there after work. I'll no doubt be thwarted by a complete lack of fabric options in the colours I'm after - plum, brown and black being the ones I'm aiming for, or possibly navy.


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