Monday, 5 September 2011

Autumn Fireworks Skirt

Hello! I disappeared last week didn't I! Sorry about that but I seemed to lose my sewing and blogging Mojo for a bit. I guess life does that to you sometimes.

Anyway, although I have lost my sewing Mojo a bit, I did manage to whip up a quick skirt - and I mean quick! I found a length of jersey in the remnant bin in my local fabric shop for £3 and although I have never sewn with jersey before I just couldn't pass it by! So because this was my first foray into sewing with jersey I kept it nice and simple and just made a gathered skirt with an elastic waist. And as proof as to how easy I kept it....I cut it so that the hem was the selvedge, which reduced the chances of crappy sewing!!!

Another 'location photo-shoot' - this time I'm at the Hillsborough Fort. If you ever get a chance of coming to Northern Ireland I definitely recommend a short visit to the town of Hillsborough - probably one of the prettiest towns we have, with lovely little shops, cafes, traditional pubs...oh and a castle which the Queen stays in when she comes to N.I!

Unfortunately, I have discovered that my sewing machine has started acting up so I need to take it in for a service. No idea when I will back up and running, but hopefully not for too long as I have lots of projects waiting to be started! I guess I can do all the tracing and cutting prep while I wait so that I can launch into sewing as soon as the machine is back.

P.S. I have another reason why I haven't been sewing very much recently...I shall post about it later this week! Prepare for cuteness overload!


  1. This is gorgeous Su, really, really gorgeous! How did you find sewing with jersey? Did you have to use an overlocker or did you do it on a regular sewing machine?

    Can't wait to hear your cute news either!

  2. Thanks Marie! I don't have an overlocker so it was all done on the sewing machine. I mentioned in the post that my machine has been acting up, so I probably didn't treat the jersey as I should have done! I just sewed up the seam with a regular straight stitch and attached it to the elastic waistband with a zigzag!

  3. Very nice, love the colors! I've also never tried sewing with jersey as of yet, I've always been a bit scared of it.

  4. Love the whole outfit - for some reason. I had never thought of making a gathered skirt out of jersey so I will definitely doing that. I also love your shoes - where did you get them from if yodont mind me asking?

  5. Thanks Ashley and Travelling Soo. I bought my shoes in Spain a few years ago from a shop called Stradivarious :)

  6. Oooh it DOES look just like fireworks, I love it! I will be on the lookout for some remnant jersey now too, you've inspired me!

    I have never even heard of Hillsborough Fort, I must take a trip there next time I'm home.


  7. Your skirt is beautiful. I love it when simple patterns turn out so great. I had a roomate in college who came to the US from Northern Ireland, so I gotta say I love you Irish!


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