Thursday, 28 July 2011

Project Planning - Denim Kasia Skirt

Not as organised as I'd like to be for this post! I have no image of my fabric to go with this pattern - so you'll just have to use your imagination! 

That shouldn't be too hard because the fabric is just a black denim. I've had it in my stash for awhile so I think it's about time I put it to good use. And I plan on making the Kasia skirt from Burda Style (free pattern people!!! Go and make it yourself as well!).

Here's the pattern drawing:

If my memory is correct, the front buttons open up to a zip front. At the moment I think I will make the skirt with red buttons (similar to the image below) and perhaps make the pocket inserts with red and white stripe cotton. What do you guys think?

Free pattern HERE

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Tuesday's Tutorial Treat: Monster!

OK, today is a fun tutorial - but still sewing related. Check out these stinkin' cute monsters from White Waxflower:

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Cynthia Rowley pattern with Sew Magazine

I don't tend to buy sewing magazines. The only one I ever do buy is Burda Style - but it is exceptional (£5 for about 20 patterns!). The others just never seem to have anything to interest me.

However, the other week I ended up buying Sew Magazine....

But I have to admit it was mainly because this pattern came free* with it:

Flicking through the magazine (which you can't do before you buy it because it's wrapped in plastic) there really wasn't anything there that appealed to me (sorry Sew Magazine folk). Half the magazine is dedicated to the Cynthia Rowley pattern - talking you through how to use a pattern and giving you basic sewing tips. Useful if you are completely new to sewing, but I didn't learn anything from it. They do, however, sew up three different versions of the pattern, which I did like checking out. In particular I LOVE this version:

I am always a sucker for stripes, but I just love this version! I am really loving yellow at the moment too, but unfortunately it doesn't suit me. I've added this to my 'to make' list so hopefully I'll get round to actually making it (the list is loooooong!) - I need to find some nice fabric for it first.

* I use the term 'free' loosely...this magazine costs £5.99!

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Tuesday's Tutorial Treat: Little Red Infinity Dress

I have had my eye on infinity dresses for awhile now. They look so easy to make and I just love how versatile they are - the perfect piece to take on holiday! My only reservation is the number of meters of jersey required! This version is quite a short dress, so less meterage and easier on the purse! This tutorial for the Little Red Infinity Dress is from So You Think Your Crafty, but is courtesy of Melissa from Sew Like My Mom:


Thursday, 14 July 2011

Summer Dress Planning

As I mentioned last week, I thought that while I'm on my holidays I would schedule a few posts to share some of my projects that are in the pipeline.

When I was buying the Ikea fabric for my Crescent skirt I also snatched up a couple of meters of this sunny yellow, orange and pink plaid cotton fabric. This is a really lightweight cotton, which I think I may have to underline, but I just loved the colours. Yellow isn't normally a colour I would go for as it just doesn't suit me, but I'm hoping the pink in this will help!

At the moment I'm planning on making this really cute tie-front dress which looks to be from the 70s. I've loved this patten since I got it in an E-Bay job-lot but haven't managed to get around to making it. I plan to make view 2, the knee-length dress, but I'm a bit concerned about what the plaid will look like with the seam running up the middle. What do you guys think? Obviously I wouldn't be able to match the plaid as it's on the bias, but do you think it would look fine anyway, or would it look a bit messy?

I think I might have to try a mock-up somehow before cutting the fabric to see if it would work with the plaid or not. This is where Flo will really help! I'll let you guys know how I get on.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Tuesday's Tutorial Treat: Felt Dahlia Brooch

I have had the tutorial for this gorgeous felt dahlia brooch bookmarked for a loooong time, and have yet to try it! But it's definitely high up on the To Make list - I think it would lovely on one of my bags!

This tutorial comes from the website Holidash which focuses on crafts and things to do for the holidays!

Link here

Monday, 11 July 2011

101 things to do with a tea towel...

...OK, just two things to do with them, but 101 sounded better!

Last week I shared with you the camera strap cover that I made for my holidays. Today I'm sharing another couple of quick things I made to take away with me. 

For myself, I made a bag to store my undies in in my rucksack and make sure they all stay together:

The easiest thing to make - it's a tea towel folded in half! I added a big button and some chord which I had in my stash for a fun closure. Not overly necessary, but I thought it was cute. I also decided to sew on a little bit of lace that I had, just to add a nice detail - after all, my undies deserve no less!

I also whipped up a bag for my boyfriend. No cute lace details on this one - I kept it as 'manly' as possible. This is just two tea towels sewn together and a large shoe lace is threaded through a top loop to close. This is for his dirty laundry while we are away:

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Crescent Skirt Planning

While I'm off sunning myself on a beach (I hope - please let the sun be shining and not a tropical storm...ah well, at least it will still be warm!) I thought I'd schedule a few posts of some projects I have in the pipeline.

I enjoyed vicariously living through the Sewaholic Crescent skirt sew-along recently, Tasia really does go into so much detail and it was so helpful while making my Pendrell. Unfortunately it was only vicariously because I didn't really have the time but more importantly, I just didn't have the right fabric for it. However, after a trip to Ikea that has now changed. Once I set eyes on this fab pink polka dot cotton fabric I just KNEW I had to buy it to make a Crescent skirt!

I think I will make view A, which has a slightly less full skirt. I'm not sure about other details...should I try putting in red piping, or would that looks odd? Or perhaps red ribbon along the waistband seams? I think I will line it too, as it could be a fun skirt to wear in the autumn with tights...and cotton skirt without lining + tights = ride up nightmare!

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Tuesday's Tutorial Treat: Box Pouch

I'm loving this new feature - I really do hope that some of the tutorials are new finds for some of you. I'm also loving that I can schedule these posts in advance - as today I'm (hopefully!) arriving in Kuala Lumpur and starting my Malaysia/Thailand holidays!

Today I'm sharing a really brilliant tutorial for a fully lined zippered box pouch from It's A Pretty Modern Life. This pouch would be perfect for make-up or travel toiletries. I haven't made it myself yet, but it's top of my list at the moment - so expect to see my version on here very soon! Have any of you made this yet? Do send me the links if you have.

Tutorial HERE

Monday, 4 July 2011

Camera Strap Cover - and see ya later guys!

Well this is the first of a few scheduled posts for this blog as I am off on my holidays! I'm off to travel around Thailand for three weeks and I cannot wait! So while I'm away I have scheduled a few posts - Tuesday's Tutorial Treat will still be here and I've done a few posts on future projects I'm planning and also a couple of posts on some of the things I've been making for my hols.

Which included this one! I am apprehensively bringing my DSLR camera with me to Thailand - and will be guarding it with my life!!! One of the things I thought might deter thieves, if only very slightly, is a strap cover - hiding the giant 'CANON' logo that runs along it!

I have seen a few tutorial for this on-line, mostly quilted or padded versions. Since I decided to make mine out of the same upholstery weight fabric as my travel bag I thought padding was unnecessary. So my cover is basically just a big tube with the ends hemmed!

Really love how it turned out though:


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