Thursday, 18 August 2011

Thailand Fabric Haul

My final Thailand post - the one you've all been waiting for (perhaps!) - the fabric!

So let's get right to it:

I got 3 meters of this very light weight cotton...for 60p a meter! BUT, although it was mega cheap - I discovered when I got it back to the hotel that there were folds in the fabric that the printing missed! But I got so much of it that I'll still be able to make something by just cutting around the faults.

2m of smooth light cotton - £3/m. This has a lovely striped section down one side.

2m of heavier cotton - £6/m. Not as cheap as I would have liked, but with that print I couldn't NOT get some!!!

3m of lovely light soft cotton - £2.5/m. I LOVE this cotton, it's so soft and light and would make lovely Summer clothes (too bad Autumn is just around the corner...but fabric will keep!)

1m of bright turquoise eyelet cotton - £6/m. This fabric is so special. I have never seen such detailed eyelet work as I saw in this shop. The whole shop specialised in this fabric - all different designs and so many fabulous colours! It was so hard to choose. I tried to bargain with the price as I thought it was a bit steep for Thailand, but they wouldn't budge! Also, this fabric is very narrow, so 1m doesn't actually get you very much. But I'm hoping to squeeze a skirt out of this (fingers crossed!).

1m again from the same shop as the turquoise. Look at that lovely scalloped edge, I love it!

And finally the Thai Silk:

1m of Thai Silk £10/m!!! I was shocked at the price, I really thought I would get it a lot cheaper. But this fabric is so special - the intensity of the colours is amazing. Only 1 meter because of the price, and again, this fabric is very narrow. I honestly don't know what I'm going to make with this. Any suggestions?!

Also 1m at £10/m. This fabric has hand painted orchids outlined with gold - just so gorgeous. The problem with this fabric, is that because it is SO nice I don't know if I'll ever be able to bring myself to cut it!!

So that's it! I thought I would be bringing back a lot more with me, but I guess I didn't do too badly!

I have LOTS of plans for sewing. Check back next week to find out my next project. Oh, and the Crescent skirt is done and I hope to have photos of it for you tomorrow.


  1. WOW! Amazing fabric! Love the silks!!!

  2. Very pretty fabric, I love all of them.

  3. What gorgeous fabrics, I think they are all amazing and I can't wait to see what you make with them!

  4. They are all beautiful but I really love the last silk. So pretty!

  5. OHMIGOD I love the first one so much!!!

  6. WOW, beautiful fabric! Absolutely jealous of your amazing finds. :)

  7. it looks great. I am off to bangkok in a week . I have a day off and want to get some fabric ... I was wondering if you saw many printed chiffons at the places you mentioned?! Thank you

    1. Hi there! You lucky thing, heading off to Bangkok - I'm very jealous! I'm afraid I can't really remember seeing much printed chiffon, but I guess I wasn't really looking for them. I'm sure they will have a tonne though - the choice is vast over there.
      Have a fantastic time!!!

  8. hai nice to meet u actually i want go to thailand but when i dont know, thanks 4 information
    ur fabric very pretty

  9. Hello, the fabrics are very very nice. Can you tell me where exactly in Bangkok you bought them? Thanks.

    1. Hi Elena - thanks for your comment. I got my fabrics in two main places:
      Phahurat Market (Little India) and the streets around the market - this is where I bought most of the lightweight floral cottons and the eyelet cottons:
      Chatuchak Weekend Market, this is where I bought the silks and the heavier weight cotton fabric:

      Hope that helps! Give me a shout/email me if you want any more information - although it was a few years ago now, so it's not fresh in my memory!

  10. Hi Suzie! Greetings from Sunny Singapore! stumbled upon your blog as I googled for - cheap fabric in BKK. I am headed to BKK in 2 weeks and would like to do so fabric shopping. My sister and I has great plans to start a little fashion business. we are planning to get some of our designs sewed up during our trip as it's cheaper there as they say. thanks for the shopping tips and def will visit the places your recommended!
    ps: I'm a great cat lover as well! I have 5! :-)

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