Friday, 30 May 2014

Inspiring Details : Cuff details

Su Sews So So Inspiring Details Cuffs


This series is to highlight how small details can take the ordinary and make it special.

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Me Made May : Week 4

The Bank Holiday this Monday threw this post off a bit so I’m only getting around to it now. Anyway, let’s go:

Su Sews So So MMM14 Week 4 1

Day 19: The red linen Washi dress finally got an outing. Paired with a black cardi – super cosy outfit!

Day 20: Obviously really cosy because I wore the Washi dress again today, this time with a grey cardi.

Su Sews So So MMM14 Week 4 2

Day 21: My self-drafted cowl top worn with grey skirt and cardi. I really liked this outfit, however I thought it made me look a little washed out.

Day 22: This were obviously getting hard this week as all I was able to wear that was Me-Made was the Brigitte scarf. Saying that, I did actually think this looked rather cute!

Su Sews So So MMM14 Week 4 3

Day 23: Oh dear, this was a bit of a stretch of the Me Made rules, but still legitimate. I used a Me-Made tote bag to pack my stuff for a weekend away. I haven’t blogged this bag (yet?) – but it’s one that I made to take with me on my honeymoon last year. And yes, that is gold lettering in my newly acquired initials (cheese ahoy)!

Day 24: Lovely sunny day at Lough Erne Yacht Club wearing another unblogged make – a Burda Style top. Again, I made this for my honeymoon, but ended up not taking it as I just wasn’t that enamoured with it. However, I thought it looked quite cute today, and it is actually really cosy to wear. May keep it in mind for future opportunities I think.


Day 25: Still at the Yacht Club (in our caravan – it’s a rock and roll life style, what can I say!), wearing one of my Plantain t-shirts today.

In summary – it’s the second last week of MMM and it’s getting tough! Favourite outfit for the week? Maybe Day 19, although I honestly think I like them all equally.  I really did think that I would be able to get a few new garments made during May, but it’s been rather hectic and I just haven’t had the chance. It’s a shame, but I’m happy that it hasn’t really affected my ability to (hopefully!) complete MMM14.

As of today, only 3 more days left of the challenge – yes, I’m afraid I’m counting down the days! lol

Friday, 23 May 2014

Inspiring Details: Cut out back with bow detail

Su Sews So So Inspiring Details cut out back and bow


 This series is to highlight how small details can take the ordinary and make it special.

Monday, 19 May 2014

Me Made May : Week 3

Su Sews So So MMM14 Week 3 1

Day 12: My lovely Pink Eyelet Skirt which I really don’t wear enough. It was a bit of a cold day so I paired it with opaque navy tights which I have never done before, but really loved – so that was a bit of a revelation!

Day 13: Black and white polka-dot cowl top. Woohoo, an outfit without pink or purple in it! I have to admit, I really liked this outfit and it reminded me that I have quite a soft spot for black, white and red together.

Su Sews So So MMM14 Week 3 2

Day 14: Cream and black striped Plantain t-shirt (unblogged). I’m guessing my love for Day 13’s outfit made me wear the red scarf with this look. Plus I really don’t suit cream near my face so I had to wear a scarf to make me not look ill! Do you ever find this about certain colours?

Day 15: Purple and Pink Sorbetto top. And we are back to purple and pink again! As decent as this outfit looks in the photo I did not like it in real life. I have never really liked the pink binding on the neck (I think it looks too ‘homemade’) and the top was a bit too blousy tucked into the skirt.

Su Sews So So MMMay 14 Week 3 3

Day 16: Orange Floral Skirt. Yeay – I have been waiting all month for the weather to be nice enough to wear this skirt. I was a bit nervous about the pattern pairing but based on the Instagram comments it was a win! This is probably my favourite outfit of the month so far.

Day 17: Zebra print Plantain t-shirt (unblogged). This was just a lounging around the house kind of day, and since Belfast wasn’t getting the heat-wave that the rest of the UK seemed to be getting I was able to wear this t-shirt.


Day 18: Pink Crescent Skirt. It was a bit warmer yesterday so I decided it was a skirt day. To be honest, I wasn’t in love with this outfit – the skirt is a bit tight on me now so it wasn’t overly comfy…and I may not have worn this all day (shhh!).

Well that’s another full week of May survived, and I haven’t repeated a complete outfit yet. The fun starts next week (this week) though as I have pretty much run out of ‘new’ work-appropriate outfits and haven’t had a chance to finish the two pencil skirts I have been working on yet.

How are you coping with MMM? I have to say I have been loving being able to use Instagram for this – I have added so many new sewists to follow and I’m loving chatting to you all!

Friday, 16 May 2014

Inspiring Details: Matching Trims

Su Sews So So  Inspiring Details Matching Trims
This series is to highlight how small details can take the ordinay and make it special.

Monday, 12 May 2014

Me Made May : Week 2

Su Sews So So MMMay14 Week 2 1

I’ve made it through a full week of Me Made May – that, in itself, is an achievement! So let’s get straight to the week’s summary:

Day 5: My Autumn Fireworks skirt Skirt and my Coppelia Cake Cardi – yeay, a double me-made to start the week. I was really pleased with this outfit as I had never thought about pairing the Coppelia cardi with this skirt, but it’s such an obvious match!
Day 6: Tartan McCalls 5923 – I didn’t think I would get a chance to wear this dress as it’s 100% wool, but fortunately/unfortunately the weather took a rather chilly turn so this dress was a perfect choice.

Su Sews So So MMMay14 Week 2 2 Day 7: The Tartan McCalls 5923 again, paired with the Coppelia Cake Cardi – again, another pairing that I had not thought about but works well
Day 8: Self-Drafted Cowl Top – I had forgotten about this wee gem! I drafted this based on a RTW top that I own and I really love the shape. Note to self: Must make more of these tops!

Su Sews So So MMMay14 Week 2 3Day 9:  McCalls 5591 Skirt – wearing pink to support the start of the Giro D’Italia bike race that started their time trials at the bottom of my street!
Day 10: By Hand London Anna Dress & my beautiful Jimmy Choo wedding shoes (coz I’m going to take any opportunity I get to wear them!) out to dinner to celebrate my Mum’s 70th Birthday. I also wore a newly finished Plantain t-shirt during the day, but forgot to document it.

11 Day 11: Pink Eyelet Skirt – Ahhh, I forgot how much I love this skirt! Also, I was away for the weekend (for my Mum’s birthday) staying at the beautiful Lough Eske Castle Hotel, so no, that’s not my 4-poster bed! I wish!

I’ll do a proper analysis of my Me-Made experience at the end of the month, but my initial thoughts are that I have a lot of pink and purple in my wardrobe! Something to perhaps bear in mind when I’m next picking fabrics?

Friday, 9 May 2014

Inspiring Details : Manipulating Stripes

Su Sews So So Inspiring Details Manipulating Stripes


This series is to highlight how small details can take the ordinal and make it special.

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Love At First Stitch Online Launch Party!

Su Sews So So Love At First Stitch Brigitte Scarf

Are you excited? The unstoppable Tilly Walnes from Tilly and the Buttons is launching her new sewing book today, Love At First Stitch – and to celebrate, she is hosting an online launch party. Dress code: Brigitte Scarf!
Never one to turn down an invite, I had to get involved…but I couldn’t decide which way I should wear my new scarf (which, by the way was the fastest, most satisfying, instant gratification sew ever!!!)…

Have you seen the previews of the new book? The patterns look absolutely beautiful, and right up my street. I cannot wait to get my hands on a copy.

Have any of you had early access to the book (you lucky things!)?
Have you made the Brigitte scarf?
Are you excited? (you should be!)

Monday, 5 May 2014

Me Made May: Week 1

Su Sews So So Me Made May 14 Week 1

Well, week 1 of Me Made May 2014 is  done and dusted. It was a pretty easy one of course, with only 4 days and it being the start of the challenge. But I fear that it will definitely get a bit harder as the weeks go on – especially if the weather stays as cold and miserable as it currently is!! Anyway, here are the outfits that I donned this week:

Day 1: Burda Style Jenny Skirt with an h&m shirt. Oh and a necklace made by my mum (does that count?!)
Day 2: The Jenny Skirt again (because I wear my work skirts a few days in a row before washing!) with a basic cami vest and hounds tooth cardi from TKMaxx
Day 3: Plantain t-shirt, Next leggings, Nine West boots
Day 4: Coppelia Cardigan with Next jeans and chipmunk face (!!)

It’s a bit early to start analysing what I am missing from my me-made wardrobe, but I definitely need a few more comfy garments – which will be slightly rectified by the fact that I have just snipped the last thread from two new jersey tops (yep, the Plantain again – what can I say, it’s a winner!). And I will definitely need to get those pencils skirts I previously mentioned finished asap if I am to survive 4 more working weeks!!!

Oh and I’ve only just realised that I have been using the wrong hashtag! Doh!

Friday, 2 May 2014

Inspiring Details : Sheer Polka-Dot Panel

Su Sews So So Inspiring Details Sheer Polka Dot Panel

I love noticing little details, in everything actually. They take the ordinary and make it special. A simple top can be transformed by adding pleats, a bow, a little pocket – or in the example above, a very cute sheer polka-dot panel. My sewing is slowly evolving. At first you may make something to learn a skill – you follow patterns and instructions to the letter. And you end up with (more than likely!) a lovely new piece. But as your skills and abilities grow, you realise that you want to, and you can, change things up a bit and inject a little bit of ‘you’. Lots of you do this already, and I really admire it. I want to take my sewing down that road as well. To that effect, I’m going to share with you some of my favourite details that I have seen around the interwebs – and hopefully they may inspire you as well! Let’s take the ordinary, and make it special.

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