Thursday, 26 January 2012

Twitter and Instagram

Do you Tweet? I have a Twitter account and I try to tweet regularly, but I often forget! But a few months ago I downloaded the Instagram app for my iPhone and I’m starting to become slightly addicted. Here are a few pics that I have been snapping and sharing on Twitter:

the latest giveaway  some of my clutches  the kits2012 sewing planning  yum!  Latest purchase2012 sewing planning  next project  bedtime readingnearly finished the skirt  Overlocker has arrived  pattern box

My iphone is quite an old model so the photos aren’t as sharp as some that I see on Instagram, but I’ve been wondering – can you upload photos to Instagram that you took on a ‘real’ camera? Some of the photos look amazing and I doubt they have been taken on a phone. But then I wonder what’s the point of doing that?!

Q. Do you have an Instagram profile? If so, please let me know because I’d love to follow more people. If you would like to follow me I’m @susewssoso, or you can just follow me on Twitter because I upload all my photos there as well. It’s a good way of documenting what I’m currently working on without having to do a whole blog post.

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