Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Tuesday’s Tutorial Treat–Zip Purses

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I’m taking a couple of days off at the end of this week to do some serious bag sewing for my Etsy store which I hope to have up and running soon (I’ll of course keep you all updated), so my mind is currently on all types of bags. Therefore let’s have a zip purse Tuesday’s Tutorial Treat extravaganza:

The first is from the fabulous blog Flossie Teacakes. If you don’t follow this blog you are missing out. Florence has the most wonderful way with words and her blog is filled with endless crafty inspiration. Here she shows us how to make a lined zipped purse, with lovely end ‘bits’ (hmmm…can’t think of what they should be called!) on the zip:

28 finished



Next we have a two versions of what must be one of the easiest zip purses to make. The first is from Tiffany Harvey, using the cutest Owl fabric ever:



And the second version is from Cara from Me? A Mom?. This version includes batting so it has more structure, but the edges inside are raw (Tiffany Harvey’s are not). So perhaps a hybrid of the two might be good?




Finally, here is a very cute little tetrahedron (!!) zip purse for something a little different:



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