Monday, 16 January 2012

Christmas Trimmings (in January)

fabric 021

Christmas was almost a month ago now, and hopefully everyone has their decorations down for another year, but I wanted to quickly share a little sewing a I did for the big day (and I mean a little sewing!). I always like to wear something special for Christmas day - and it tends to end up being red, or green. It's just all part of the tradition for me. I was thinking it would be lovely to make a dress for the day, but I didn't have time. So I went out and eventually found a lovely green dress from H&M. I decided it needed a little extra something~something and remembered that I had the most gorgeous sequin trim that I picked up on a work trip to Zagreb about a year a go. After a bit of hand stitching, I had a whole new dress!

fabric 027

I bought a meter of this trim along with 2.5m of gorgeous red dupion silk when I was in Zagreb, and they are the perfect match, so I plan one day to turn them into a fabulous dress. So for now I just hand stitched the trim onto the green dress without cutting it - so it tucks around the slit at the back a bit, and I can un-pick it, save the trim for another time, and wear the dress to work. I'm also wondering about making the trim into a belt somehow, maybe with a silk tie/ribbon, so that I can mix and match it with other outfits.

And this little guy is a brooch I made, after being inspired by the lovely Casey (I'm looking for the exact link and will attach if I can find it! Found it). It's a Christmas decoration with a couple of brooch fastenings glued to the back. I made a really lovely one last year, from a decoration I bought in Past Times, with a 'prancing' reindeer...but I got it caught in a door (sigh...don't ask!) and it broke. So this is my replacement, and although he's cute, he's just not quite the same.

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