Thursday, 12 January 2012

Someone take my wallet please!!!

So, I mentioned in a previous post, that I might have had a little fabric shopping splurge the day before heading to Goldhawk rd. We don't have a lot of fabric shopping options in Belfast (er - one small shop!) and, although it's literally around the corner from my work and I pop in most lunchtimes, I very rarely buy any fabric there as it's just too pricey. Well last Thursday I happened to pop in and nearly had a heart attack - a long table had been erected in the middle of the shop and it was PILED HIGH with fabric!!! All reduced to £2.99/£3.99/4.99 per m (and nothing was less than £10/m before)! I was honestly having to control my excitement while I searched through all the fabric, piling it high on my arm when I spotted something I liked, for fear that someone else might snatch it up!

Anyway, here are the goods - not quite as 'pretty' as my purchases from Goldhawk, but perhaps more practical! Unfortunately I'm not 100% of the fibre content of these fabrics because they were all off their bolts and not labelled...and I forgot to ask in all the 'excitement'. I would say most have poly in it tho, which I tend to avoid - but do you know what...who cares, they were reduced!!!

tartan dress 025
2m of this black/grey/white tartan with a little red line through it. £3.99/m. I have plans for this, but I haven't checked that I definitely have enough won't reveal the plans just yet! 

tartan dress 026
2m navy blue/white tartan. £3.99/m. I'm hoping to jump on the New Look 6000 bandwagon and use this fabric as it would be great for work. Hopefully I have enough...perhaps it will have to be a short sleeved version.

tartan dress 027
 1.5m of this lovely slinky navy blue snakeskin patterned fabric. £3.99/m. My plan is to make version B of New Look 6969. Nervous of working with this slippery fabric though, but I know it would drape beautifully at the front of the skirt.

tartan dress 028
 2m of this lovely black and white floral fabric with a spotty border print. Plan to make a basic shift dress with this. It has a bit of stretch in it so should be pretty comfortable. £3.99/m

fabric 037
2m (or 2.5m) of this gorgeous tomato red (you will have to trust me on the colour - my camera couldn't capture the true colour of this) crepe fabric. £4.99/m. Plan to make some sort of floaty dress perhaps along the lines of Casey's Swing Dress.

fabric 038
 2m tie-die jersey. I haven't really worked with scares me for some reason - which I'm sure is totally unnecessary and I'm making it worse in my head than it really is! This will eventually be a simply maxi dress for Summer. £2.99/m

fabric 039
 2m navy blue & white stripe jersey - another maxi dress I think. Really like the quality of this jersey...should be really comfy to wear. £3.99/m

 2m of a very heavy black and white patterned fabric - may be wool, or at least have wool in it. Not sure yet what to make from this - but just loved it so had to get it! £4.99/m

 Right - no more fabric shopping for a while for me!!!!! Eek!

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