Monday, 30 January 2012

The problem with learning to sew…

…is that you start noticing things that perhaps a ‘non-sew-er’ would overlook! I was just browsing through Pinterest (feel free to follow me…I’m a bit addicted though!) the other day when my eyes glanced over a rather nice spotty coat. And then the horror struck! The glaringly bad (diabolical perhaps?) pattern matching:


I clicked through and discovered that this coat is from Modcloth (click for source of photos) and costs $124.99!! Now, if I were to spend that much on a RTW coat then the least I would expect is for the pattern to match…especially in such a glaringly obvious place. They were even kind enough to provide a close up of the mis-match…


…just in case you weren’t sure about the unmatched pattern!

Before I started to sew I probably wouldn’t even have noticed this…and now it’s all I can see. I am constantly noticing little things (good and bad) on RTW clothes.

Q. I can’t decide if this is a good skill to have or would it be better to be blissfully ignorant?! What do you think?

On the plus side…perhaps I should stop sweating so much when my own makes are a couple of millimetres off line!!


P.S. I do realise that there are a few seams on this coat which may make pattern matching more difficult and also that it’s a cost saving mechanism to not bother with matching. But still!

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