Saturday, 7 January 2012

I made it…AND I wore it! 1

So this is a new ‘feature’ I’m introducing to my blog…and ultimately to my life (oh this sounds profound…don’t worry, it’s not!). When I was reflecting on my makes from 2011 I realised that I really don’t wear very much of what I make. OK, I don’t make that much so there isn’t a lot to choose from, but I should still make use of them more than I currently do!

I also wonder how much other people wear their makes. No doubt more than me! But I’m always curious as to how they might style them up differently from the first unveiling on their blog. That was one of the things I enjoyed while following people participating in past So-Zo’s ‘Me-Made’ challenges.

So this is a mini version of that concept. I’m going to try and start making a more conscious effort to wear my handmade clothing and will share ‘outfit’ posts as proof! I certainly won’t be able to wear handmade every day, but I’m hoping to aim for once a week…we shall see how I get on.

To kick start this, here I am back from work last week after wearing my tartan dress, wearing it with a black cardi and skinny belt, which is my new favourite way of styling this dress

tartan dress 013
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