Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Goldhawk Road here I come!

Goldhawk rd photo
(source – Google Street View)
Guess where I’m heading on Friday? Yup, the infamous Goldhawk Road! It just so happens that my boyfriend and I are having a long weekend in Whitstable for a friends birthday…and our flight gets into Gatwick…and the cheapest way to get into London from Gatwick is the Easybus…which just so happens to drop you off at West Brompton…which is only a couple of stops away from Shepherd’s Bush…which is a short walk to GOLDHAWK ROAD!!!
Goldhawk Rd
OK…perhaps it’s not quite as convenient as I’ve convinced my boyfriend it is…but still, I’m not going to miss this opportunity! Boyfriend and I had planned to spend the day in London on Friday anyway (we are getting the redeye from Belfast which gets us into Gatwick at about 8am!), so it would only be fair that I could spend a couple of those hours perusing the Fabric shops that I have heard so many lovely blogger talk about. I was so very jealous of Karen’s Fabric Fandango last year so I am uber excited to get the chance to check out the shops for myself (minus other sew-ers unfortunately, shame)!
So, because I only have a few hours to check out the FOURTEEN (omg, I may faint!)fabric shops I was wondering if anyone might have any suggestions as to which shops I should check out first? Does anyway have any preferences or favourites?
Also…any chance there is a Starbucks or similar nearby where I could park my boyfriend?! The experience will be so much more enjoyable and less stressful if he’s not following me from shop to shop like a tired/lost/pissed off puppy!!! A pub would be good – but since we will probably be there for just after 10am, perhaps not the best option!
Typical though, that I have a chance to do some serious fabric shopping and there actually isn’t any fabric I really NEED (hmm..when has that ever stopped me before?!). Oh, and I only have hand luggage with me…so I may be sporting some fetching looking ‘saris’ on my flight home. And I’ve told my boyfriend he will be wearing a turban…and perhaps a cummerbund!
I shall report back next week with my haul – wish me luck!
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