Thursday, 21 July 2011

Cynthia Rowley pattern with Sew Magazine

I don't tend to buy sewing magazines. The only one I ever do buy is Burda Style - but it is exceptional (£5 for about 20 patterns!). The others just never seem to have anything to interest me.

However, the other week I ended up buying Sew Magazine....

But I have to admit it was mainly because this pattern came free* with it:

Flicking through the magazine (which you can't do before you buy it because it's wrapped in plastic) there really wasn't anything there that appealed to me (sorry Sew Magazine folk). Half the magazine is dedicated to the Cynthia Rowley pattern - talking you through how to use a pattern and giving you basic sewing tips. Useful if you are completely new to sewing, but I didn't learn anything from it. They do, however, sew up three different versions of the pattern, which I did like checking out. In particular I LOVE this version:

I am always a sucker for stripes, but I just love this version! I am really loving yellow at the moment too, but unfortunately it doesn't suit me. I've added this to my 'to make' list so hopefully I'll get round to actually making it (the list is loooooong!) - I need to find some nice fabric for it first.

* I use the term 'free' loosely...this magazine costs £5.99!


  1. I also looked at this because of the other cynthia rowley pattern but I decided the magazine wasn't worth 5.99 plus I can get the pattern in a sale. I figured it was best to wait but that yellow version does look awesome!

  2. I recently bought this pattern in a Fenwick's sale, so it probably cost me as much as the magazine to be honest. I haven't sewn it up yet, but it's lovely isn't it!? I love the yellow version too, great stripes!!!

  3. I've bought this magazine about 3 times now, and it's off my shopping list again. My biggest problem with it is that it proudly announces that it does patterns up to size 16. Well, in pattern terms, strictly speaking it does, but for your average person off the street, it certainly does not! I'm only a 12-14 on the high street (generally have to go 14 on fitted things because of the size of my bust) but according to their measurements, I'm off the charts huge! I've only just started garment sewing, and the sizing was a big shock - I don't imagine for a minute that other new sewers will be anticipating it either, especially as you can't actually see the sizing due to the aforementioned plastic!

    I've decided it doesn't tell me enough other stuff either, so don't think I'll be indulging again

  4. I bought a couple of these magazines - being sold off for £1, which is a bargain if the included pattern is one you would use. The yellow version looks fab, but notice the stripes on the midriff section. Surely that piece should be on the grain and the stripes with it?! Have noticed that the finish on some of the clothes made up in similar magazines isn't always spot on. Does that matter, I wonder?


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