Thursday, 14 July 2011

Summer Dress Planning

As I mentioned last week, I thought that while I'm on my holidays I would schedule a few posts to share some of my projects that are in the pipeline.

When I was buying the Ikea fabric for my Crescent skirt I also snatched up a couple of meters of this sunny yellow, orange and pink plaid cotton fabric. This is a really lightweight cotton, which I think I may have to underline, but I just loved the colours. Yellow isn't normally a colour I would go for as it just doesn't suit me, but I'm hoping the pink in this will help!

At the moment I'm planning on making this really cute tie-front dress which looks to be from the 70s. I've loved this patten since I got it in an E-Bay job-lot but haven't managed to get around to making it. I plan to make view 2, the knee-length dress, but I'm a bit concerned about what the plaid will look like with the seam running up the middle. What do you guys think? Obviously I wouldn't be able to match the plaid as it's on the bias, but do you think it would look fine anyway, or would it look a bit messy?

I think I might have to try a mock-up somehow before cutting the fabric to see if it would work with the plaid or not. This is where Flo will really help! I'll let you guys know how I get on.

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