Monday, 27 June 2011

Meet Flo

You may have noticed her a couple of weeks a go on this post, but I thought she deserved a proper introduction as I'm very excited about the new addition to my sewing team - meet Florence , or Flo to her good friends, my new (to me) mannequin!
I spotted a shop closing down (which was sad to see, because it's a little independent boutique and I always feel sad when those little shops don't succeed  - all too common at the moment unfortunately) and saw that they were selling off their mannequins - so I knew one had to come home with me!
An extra bonus is that she is actually pretty similar to me in size! Ok...her waist and hips are probably on the small side (but not too much), but her bust is pretty spot on to mine. And I'm hoping she will make hemming a lot easier (thank god!) too.

Apologies for the awful mess in the background of these photos - my sewing room is also my boyfriends washing room (shirts hanging everywhere waiting to be iron - by him...I don't do that!!!) and also general store room (it's a converted attic). The top on Flo is one I started making almost a year a go (mentioned here) (out of a sample curtain!), but I discovered that the fabric was really hard to work I have put off doing the self-bias bound arm holes for a long time because I know they are going to be so fiddly! But I'm hoping by having it on Flo I will be more inclined to finish this space.

Photo from my post back in August.


  1. Yay! Flo is beautiful. I've found that having a dress form is really nice, and does help me with the fiddly bits.

  2. Hello, Flo! Also, love the ruffly blouse!

  3. Hello Flo, I have a "Babs" and she has been brilliant for not only adjustments around curves but as you suggested wearing a mini dress to gently remind me daily to alter the sleeves- nervous of sewing silk.

  4. Its great you have Flo! I can't wait to get a dress form! Have a great week xx

  5. well done on snapping flo up, it's so much better when you'v got a dress form hope you have fun using her x

  6. Fantastic! I too have just found a mannequin of my own - from a fantastic whole-sale shop in Angel. Can't wait to pretend I'm on project runway and design things on a mannequin rather than on th floor! Enjoying your blog...


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