Monday, 11 July 2011

101 things to do with a tea towel...

...OK, just two things to do with them, but 101 sounded better!

Last week I shared with you the camera strap cover that I made for my holidays. Today I'm sharing another couple of quick things I made to take away with me. 

For myself, I made a bag to store my undies in in my rucksack and make sure they all stay together:

The easiest thing to make - it's a tea towel folded in half! I added a big button and some chord which I had in my stash for a fun closure. Not overly necessary, but I thought it was cute. I also decided to sew on a little bit of lace that I had, just to add a nice detail - after all, my undies deserve no less!

I also whipped up a bag for my boyfriend. No cute lace details on this one - I kept it as 'manly' as possible. This is just two tea towels sewn together and a large shoe lace is threaded through a top loop to close. This is for his dirty laundry while we are away:

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