Thursday, 7 July 2011

Crescent Skirt Planning

While I'm off sunning myself on a beach (I hope - please let the sun be shining and not a tropical storm...ah well, at least it will still be warm!) I thought I'd schedule a few posts of some projects I have in the pipeline.

I enjoyed vicariously living through the Sewaholic Crescent skirt sew-along recently, Tasia really does go into so much detail and it was so helpful while making my Pendrell. Unfortunately it was only vicariously because I didn't really have the time but more importantly, I just didn't have the right fabric for it. However, after a trip to Ikea that has now changed. Once I set eyes on this fab pink polka dot cotton fabric I just KNEW I had to buy it to make a Crescent skirt!

I think I will make view A, which has a slightly less full skirt. I'm not sure about other details...should I try putting in red piping, or would that looks odd? Or perhaps red ribbon along the waistband seams? I think I will line it too, as it could be a fun skirt to wear in the autumn with tights...and cotton skirt without lining + tights = ride up nightmare!


  1. I really like the fabric your making your crescent up in! I've finally given in and ordered all 3 patterns. I had some fabric in my stash for the Pendrell,
    but wasn't sure about the skirt all together. I thought it would be too full but I agree that A is a better view. Can't wait to see yours! x

  2. I'm always SO sad when I see lovely Ikea fabric, as I have no Ikea near me! Sob. Your skirt will be adorable though!


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