Monday, 4 July 2011

Camera Strap Cover - and see ya later guys!

Well this is the first of a few scheduled posts for this blog as I am off on my holidays! I'm off to travel around Thailand for three weeks and I cannot wait! So while I'm away I have scheduled a few posts - Tuesday's Tutorial Treat will still be here and I've done a few posts on future projects I'm planning and also a couple of posts on some of the things I've been making for my hols.

Which included this one! I am apprehensively bringing my DSLR camera with me to Thailand - and will be guarding it with my life!!! One of the things I thought might deter thieves, if only very slightly, is a strap cover - hiding the giant 'CANON' logo that runs along it!

I have seen a few tutorial for this on-line, mostly quilted or padded versions. Since I decided to make mine out of the same upholstery weight fabric as my travel bag I thought padding was unnecessary. So my cover is basically just a big tube with the ends hemmed!

Really love how it turned out though:



  1. I want to do the same for my new camera... would be grat iof you can show a tutorial... have fun on yourholiday and take amazing photos...

  2. It really is very simple, but if you (and anyone else else) would like a tutorial I could whip one up when I come back :)

  3. Love your camera strap!

    Also, please please post a few pics from Thailand when you get back so I can live vicariously through you! I've always wanted to go. :)


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