Monday, 20 December 2010

Mode Mondays

I'm loving capes at the moment. I've been feeling the love for them ever since I came across this New Look pattern (6916):

I'm not sure exactly how long this pattern has been out for but I feel like I have been ogling over it for about a year now and finally bought it over the Summer.

And then...the CAPE took centre stage and became one of the the fashion items to own this Autumn! That did annoy me somewhat, as i thought having a cape would be a slightly quirky thing to make as it's not (or it wasn't) very common. But, with it's popularity, comes lots of inspiration to pull from - do there is some good! So here are a few of the capes out there that I'm drooling over:

TopShop Red Duffle Cape

Aubin and Willis Nautical Style dark blue cape

Sienna Miller rocking a red cape with black fur trim

Random lady rocking a grey check cape with funnel neck

The big question with capes - handbag!! Sienna and the random lady both show that a shoulder strap is just not practical with a cape. That is my main issue with capes to be honest - otherwise I think they are awesome!!

And I'm mid-way through making my own version of New Look 6916 actually! I would be finished by now, except I have gone off the lining I have chosen (I think my boyfriend likening me to Superman did no favours!) and having been in search of something better. I think I have found it though, so hopefully I will get this finished soon - the tough bit ahead is a LOT of unpicking!!


  1. I love capes and capelets too! Have two patterns in my stash and yesterday was looking at them trying to decide if now was the time to make one. I have many projects on so might leave it for next Spring.
    I look forward to see yours done!

  2. I love capes too! Looking forward to seeing yours. Isn't it nice to sew something that doesn't have to fit perfectly? :)

  3. Eek - I'm nervous that I've announced that I'm making a cape now...incase it turns out crap! And yep Tasia, that's my FAVOURITE type of sewing! lol :)


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