Friday, 10 December 2010

Fabulous Fabric...

...because it's Friday!

Welcome to my second 'themed' day which I am introducing to my blog. Along with the new Mode Monday that I blogged this week, I'm also going to be looking at fabulous fabric which I have my eye on.

Since Mode Monday was all about gorgeous plaid I thought i only right to have a look at some gorgeous plaid fabrics out there at the without further ado:

The last three are from a UK based website Croft Mill and I have just done a wee sneaky purchase and ordered the dusky pink and the navy/turquoise! I really shouldn't have, but I'm in a bit of a spending mood these days (must be the Christmas Spirit getting the better of me!) and the navy will look great with a project that is half finished. Excited to receive them in the post soon....!!
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