Friday, 17 December 2010

Fabulous Fabric...

...because it's Friday!

This week's Mode Monday was all about Fair Isle knits (and other knits similar that aren't technically Fair Isle!). I wasn't sure how I could link Fabric Fridays to a knit post, but guess what I found on

2 yards of gorgeous ready-to-go Fair Isle knit! I could totally see this made up into a cute skirt, or even a hot water bottle cover! I would absolutely buy this...if I lived in The States. Unfortunately the shipping to the UK is more than it costs to buy the I am refraining.

A couple of other cute ways of getting Fair Isle (or similar) into your life are:

A ready made KIT to make your own Fair Isle knit. And isn't this top just so beautiful?!!! I really REALLY want it...but with my track knitting record (see this still looks almost exactly the same, one month on!) I don't think it would ever become a top unfortunately.

So how about just a little bit of Fair Isle / Scandinavian style ribbon to add to a project instead?! An instant way to add the Fair Isle style into your life. And those deer make it quite festive too.
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