Monday, 6 December 2010

Mode Mondays

I'm introducing a couple of theme days to my blog in the hopes that it will induce more regular blogging from me - something I have been hideously bad at!!!

So to kick it off welcome to the first (of hopefully many) Mode Mondays! On Mode Monday's I'll be sharing little snippets of fashion which are inspiring me at the moment. Make no mistake, I am no fashionista, and I'm not one for following a trend. In fact, the less people sporting the same 'trend' as me the better I say - be individual and have your own style! That being said, I love browsing through fashion blogs, sites and magazines and getting inspiration from them!

Today's theme is Plaid, which falls in nicely with the dress I am (slowly) making in my sewing class.

There is something about Plaid and Tartan that evokes Autumnal days ('s more Winter than Autumn now...ah well!), they just work so well together.

Click the photos for their links:

 Grey plaid dress from Anthropology

 Purple and green plaid dress from Urban Outfitters

 Orange and blue plaid skirt from Anthropology - love the curved multi-layer hem

Red and black plaid skirt from Urban Outfitters - this looks like an easy style to copy
 (whoops - this skirt has now sold out - but it was from )

And finally a glimpse of vintage plaid! Love the big collar

Check back on Friday for another theme day - related to this post.

And I'll post a bit more about how I'm getting on with my sewing class dress soon too - although don't get too's a slooooowww process!!


  1. I love plaid! So lovely for autumn and always feels warm and cosy. Looking forward to hearing more about your sewing class!

  2. I love that Anthropologie dress... I actually bought a McCalls pattern to copy it, after I saw it on another blog (Adventures in Dressmaking, I think?) I am completely obsessed with plaid, and I love your picks!


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