Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Me Made May : Week 4

The Bank Holiday this Monday threw this post off a bit so I’m only getting around to it now. Anyway, let’s go:

Su Sews So So MMM14 Week 4 1

Day 19: The red linen Washi dress finally got an outing. Paired with a black cardi – super cosy outfit!

Day 20: Obviously really cosy because I wore the Washi dress again today, this time with a grey cardi.

Su Sews So So MMM14 Week 4 2

Day 21: My self-drafted cowl top worn with grey skirt and cardi. I really liked this outfit, however I thought it made me look a little washed out.

Day 22: This were obviously getting hard this week as all I was able to wear that was Me-Made was the Brigitte scarf. Saying that, I did actually think this looked rather cute!

Su Sews So So MMM14 Week 4 3

Day 23: Oh dear, this was a bit of a stretch of the Me Made rules, but still legitimate. I used a Me-Made tote bag to pack my stuff for a weekend away. I haven’t blogged this bag (yet?) – but it’s one that I made to take with me on my honeymoon last year. And yes, that is gold lettering in my newly acquired initials (cheese ahoy)!

Day 24: Lovely sunny day at Lough Erne Yacht Club wearing another unblogged make – a Burda Style top. Again, I made this for my honeymoon, but ended up not taking it as I just wasn’t that enamoured with it. However, I thought it looked quite cute today, and it is actually really cosy to wear. May keep it in mind for future opportunities I think.


Day 25: Still at the Yacht Club (in our caravan – it’s a rock and roll life style, what can I say!), wearing one of my Plantain t-shirts today.

In summary – it’s the second last week of MMM and it’s getting tough! Favourite outfit for the week? Maybe Day 19, although I honestly think I like them all equally.  I really did think that I would be able to get a few new garments made during May, but it’s been rather hectic and I just haven’t had the chance. It’s a shame, but I’m happy that it hasn’t really affected my ability to (hopefully!) complete MMM14.

As of today, only 3 more days left of the challenge – yes, I’m afraid I’m counting down the days! lol

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