Monday, 19 May 2014

Me Made May : Week 3

Su Sews So So MMM14 Week 3 1

Day 12: My lovely Pink Eyelet Skirt which I really don’t wear enough. It was a bit of a cold day so I paired it with opaque navy tights which I have never done before, but really loved – so that was a bit of a revelation!

Day 13: Black and white polka-dot cowl top. Woohoo, an outfit without pink or purple in it! I have to admit, I really liked this outfit and it reminded me that I have quite a soft spot for black, white and red together.

Su Sews So So MMM14 Week 3 2

Day 14: Cream and black striped Plantain t-shirt (unblogged). I’m guessing my love for Day 13’s outfit made me wear the red scarf with this look. Plus I really don’t suit cream near my face so I had to wear a scarf to make me not look ill! Do you ever find this about certain colours?

Day 15: Purple and Pink Sorbetto top. And we are back to purple and pink again! As decent as this outfit looks in the photo I did not like it in real life. I have never really liked the pink binding on the neck (I think it looks too ‘homemade’) and the top was a bit too blousy tucked into the skirt.

Su Sews So So MMMay 14 Week 3 3

Day 16: Orange Floral Skirt. Yeay – I have been waiting all month for the weather to be nice enough to wear this skirt. I was a bit nervous about the pattern pairing but based on the Instagram comments it was a win! This is probably my favourite outfit of the month so far.

Day 17: Zebra print Plantain t-shirt (unblogged). This was just a lounging around the house kind of day, and since Belfast wasn’t getting the heat-wave that the rest of the UK seemed to be getting I was able to wear this t-shirt.


Day 18: Pink Crescent Skirt. It was a bit warmer yesterday so I decided it was a skirt day. To be honest, I wasn’t in love with this outfit – the skirt is a bit tight on me now so it wasn’t overly comfy…and I may not have worn this all day (shhh!).

Well that’s another full week of May survived, and I haven’t repeated a complete outfit yet. The fun starts next week (this week) though as I have pretty much run out of ‘new’ work-appropriate outfits and haven’t had a chance to finish the two pencil skirts I have been working on yet.

How are you coping with MMM? I have to say I have been loving being able to use Instagram for this – I have added so many new sewists to follow and I’m loving chatting to you all!

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