Friday, 2 May 2014

Inspiring Details : Sheer Polka-Dot Panel

Su Sews So So Inspiring Details Sheer Polka Dot Panel

I love noticing little details, in everything actually. They take the ordinary and make it special. A simple top can be transformed by adding pleats, a bow, a little pocket – or in the example above, a very cute sheer polka-dot panel. My sewing is slowly evolving. At first you may make something to learn a skill – you follow patterns and instructions to the letter. And you end up with (more than likely!) a lovely new piece. But as your skills and abilities grow, you realise that you want to, and you can, change things up a bit and inject a little bit of ‘you’. Lots of you do this already, and I really admire it. I want to take my sewing down that road as well. To that effect, I’m going to share with you some of my favourite details that I have seen around the interwebs – and hopefully they may inspire you as well! Let’s take the ordinary, and make it special.

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