Monday, 12 May 2014

Me Made May : Week 2

Su Sews So So MMMay14 Week 2 1

I’ve made it through a full week of Me Made May – that, in itself, is an achievement! So let’s get straight to the week’s summary:

Day 5: My Autumn Fireworks skirt Skirt and my Coppelia Cake Cardi – yeay, a double me-made to start the week. I was really pleased with this outfit as I had never thought about pairing the Coppelia cardi with this skirt, but it’s such an obvious match!
Day 6: Tartan McCalls 5923 – I didn’t think I would get a chance to wear this dress as it’s 100% wool, but fortunately/unfortunately the weather took a rather chilly turn so this dress was a perfect choice.

Su Sews So So MMMay14 Week 2 2 Day 7: The Tartan McCalls 5923 again, paired with the Coppelia Cake Cardi – again, another pairing that I had not thought about but works well
Day 8: Self-Drafted Cowl Top – I had forgotten about this wee gem! I drafted this based on a RTW top that I own and I really love the shape. Note to self: Must make more of these tops!

Su Sews So So MMMay14 Week 2 3Day 9:  McCalls 5591 Skirt – wearing pink to support the start of the Giro D’Italia bike race that started their time trials at the bottom of my street!
Day 10: By Hand London Anna Dress & my beautiful Jimmy Choo wedding shoes (coz I’m going to take any opportunity I get to wear them!) out to dinner to celebrate my Mum’s 70th Birthday. I also wore a newly finished Plantain t-shirt during the day, but forgot to document it.

11 Day 11: Pink Eyelet Skirt – Ahhh, I forgot how much I love this skirt! Also, I was away for the weekend (for my Mum’s birthday) staying at the beautiful Lough Eske Castle Hotel, so no, that’s not my 4-poster bed! I wish!

I’ll do a proper analysis of my Me-Made experience at the end of the month, but my initial thoughts are that I have a lot of pink and purple in my wardrobe! Something to perhaps bear in mind when I’m next picking fabrics?

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