Monday, 5 May 2014

Me Made May: Week 1

Su Sews So So Me Made May 14 Week 1

Well, week 1 of Me Made May 2014 is  done and dusted. It was a pretty easy one of course, with only 4 days and it being the start of the challenge. But I fear that it will definitely get a bit harder as the weeks go on – especially if the weather stays as cold and miserable as it currently is!! Anyway, here are the outfits that I donned this week:

Day 1: Burda Style Jenny Skirt with an h&m shirt. Oh and a necklace made by my mum (does that count?!)
Day 2: The Jenny Skirt again (because I wear my work skirts a few days in a row before washing!) with a basic cami vest and hounds tooth cardi from TKMaxx
Day 3: Plantain t-shirt, Next leggings, Nine West boots
Day 4: Coppelia Cardigan with Next jeans and chipmunk face (!!)

It’s a bit early to start analysing what I am missing from my me-made wardrobe, but I definitely need a few more comfy garments – which will be slightly rectified by the fact that I have just snipped the last thread from two new jersey tops (yep, the Plantain again – what can I say, it’s a winner!). And I will definitely need to get those pencils skirts I previously mentioned finished asap if I am to survive 4 more working weeks!!!

Oh and I’ve only just realised that I have been using the wrong hashtag! Doh!

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