Monday, 15 August 2011

Just a few photos from my Thai holiday

...OK...maybe more than just a 'few' - but it was so hard to choose!

Since I was so kindly asked by Ashley to share some of my holiday pics on my return, how could I refuse!

So here is a wee peak at my holiday:

Khao Sok National Park:

 In the jungle

A leech hitchin a ride on my jungle trek!

 Inner tubing down the river

Our floating raft house accommodation (for one night....which was enough because we shared it with about 20 cockroaches!)

Koh Tao:

 With my home made beach bag in action!

Fire shows every night

Koh Phangan:

Koh Samui:

 We had three night of luxury on Koh Samui and stayed in a villa with our own pool and deck!

 I miss all the gorgeous fruit!

Wat Arun

 At the Grand Palace

 Wat Po

And I think that should just about do it! If you're heading to Thailand yourself, feel free to get in touch with me and I'll impart any hints and tips I learnt while on my trip.

No sewing in my post today I'm afraid, but Tuesday's Tutorial Treat will be back tomorrow and check in on Wednesday to see where I went fabric shopping while in Bangkok...and then on Thursday to see what goodies I brought back with me!!

Oh for just one more sunset beer!


  1. Wow! Looks like an amazing trip! Thailand is definitely on my list of must-see locations!!

  2. So amazing! Looks like quite an adventure!

  3. Amazing photos but I don't know how you managed to sleep in that raft house. I am a bit phobic with big coakroaches :(

  4. Suzy - I hardly slept a wink that night...we had a mossie net tightly tucked around out bed, but I was terrified they were going to find a way in...and I just lay there listening to our bags rustling in the dark...knowing that was the cockroaches crawling around - horrific! Worst night of the trip! But the next morning we went for an early kayak trip and spotted gibbons (inc a baby one) swining in the tree tops, so that more than made up for it!!!


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