Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Bangkok Fabric Shopping

Well of course I made it my mission to hunt out some fabric while in Bangkok so here is where I went:

Chatuchak Weekend Market. This place is EPIC. There is no other word for it - it's one of the World's largest weekend markets, and at 27 Acres (yes, ACRES!) and over 15,000 stalls, that's not really a surprise! If you are ever in Bangkok on a Saturday or Sunday you must check this place out. 

As you can image, it's easy to get lost in this rabbit warren of mini-streets lined with all manner of stalls. They are vaguely organised by 'type' but to be honest, the best thing to do is just accept that you are going to be there all day and then enjoy the discovery! There are plenty of food stalls and cafes to refuel and rest.

If you fancy getting yourself some Thai Silk, you will find it here. But to be honest, most of the stalls are more silk scarves rather than lengths of fabric, such as the stall below:

But if you look hard enough you will come across stalls with bolts of fabric.

They other place I hit was Pahurat, or 'Little India'. Again, a rabbit warren of shops, but this time not in the slightest bit touristy and FULL of fabric shops stocked high with fabric by the bolt. Quite a selection that it can be rather overwhelming. And I was surprised to discover that bargaining wasn't widely accepted (but I'd give it a go anyway!)

OK, not a fabric shop, but I thought it was worth a photo anyway!

Look how narrow the 'street' is!

A bit more space here. To give you an idea of the prices in this photo, when I was there 48 Baht was £1!!!

Check back tomorrow and I'll show you the fruits of my Thailand fabric shopping - yippee!!


  1. Ooooh, that looks like a fabulous place to visit, very jealous! Surpised you came home after that... :oD

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