Monday, 16 May 2011

Mode Mondays - Lace

So you may have notices from my Sneak Peak, that I'm currently working on a lace dress. So to keep with that theme I thought that I would to a Mode Mondays focusing on the lace trend that seems to be very much in at the moment.

Lets look at lace skirts first:

I love that the lining is shorter than the lace overlay - you can really appreciate the intricate border.

 Pencil skirt + lace = love!

 This is very subtle, and essentially would be quite simple to do. A nice way of adding lace to your office look, without it being too formal.

 The lace in this skirt is exquisite! The style is simple and you could easily draft this from an existing pattern - but it's the lace that makes it so special.

 I just love this. Enough said.

And now onto the dresses:

 I picked this one because it's the only lace dress I was able to find in a similar style to the one I've made - ooo a wee clue to what my dress will look like!

 Daisy Lowe modelling her mothers line at Peacocks (UK only I think?). I love the sleeves in this.

And this dress is included because the colouring is similar to my dress - I like the nude/beige lining, I think it's very chic.

Christine Bleakley (from good ol' Norn Iron) in a dress with lace cut-outs (sorry, not sure of the correct terminology for this!). I think this is a lovely idea, but I do feel this dress is a little too 'wedding' being lace and white.

And I couldn't talk about lace without including a picture of Cathrine's stunning gown. I just love. (Sorry if you are sick of seeing pics of her dress!)

There are sooo many more gorgeous lace dresses out there I could have gone on for ever. I've just included the main one's that are in my inspiration folder. I really do love the lace look - hopefully the sun will come out soon and I'll be able to get some shots of my own lace creation to share with you!!!

Don't forget that my giveaway is still open! If you fancy two chances of winning some lovely fabric, lace and vintage patterns head on over!


  1. I love the lace idea. I guess I don't think to add it to a sewing project very often. These skirts are just beautiful. I love the light colored on the best. Can't wait to see your dress!

  2. I love lace, but haven't made anything from it the dress with the nude lining its gorgeous!


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