Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Burda Style June

Summer is coming and I can't wait! Well...to be honest, I recon we (in Northern Ireland) had our 'Summer' last month as it was gorgeous, but there are rumours that this year we are going to have a good July/August (normally dismal here unfortunately!) - so I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

And what do you need for Summer? Lots of lovely light floaty dresses and skirts and cute shorts and comfy light drawstring trousers (of course!) and I am so excited to see what is in store for the Burda Style June issue, especially since I was so uninspired by May's offerings. Check these goodies out:

Lovely floaty dress with a nice v-neck. I actually have a linen in my stash in this exact colour...hmmmm

This shape has so much potential - casual like this, or make it up in a satin or silk for a lovely formal dress

OK, these look like under ware - but make them up in funky fabric and I recon they would be great. Altho I think it's a no-no to the bottoms, especially on my bum - this would not be a flattering look!

These trousers look so comfy. Yes, a bit like pjs - but that's just coz they are made up in checks. Actually, I have a really nice check fabric in my stash, so I might just make these into pjs! Ha.

Simple, class t-shirt and very nice looking shorts. The question is will they have a good fit? Or perhaps the question is - are my legs ready for shorts?!!

Bikini top again, less bra-like this time. I like these shorts, they are more forgiving than the ones above!

T-shirt taken from the same basic pattern as the bright pink dress and a classic shaped skirt - this is a really nice look

I love this look, mainly because I'm obsessed with bright blue at the moment, but if I'm honest, I won't make either the top or the skirt.

Love both of these dresses - but especially the maxi dress, it's such a great shape.

Really gorgeous wrap dress. I just need to pluck up the courage to try sewing knits!

Classic boat-neck T and cropped trousers

And normally I can find a fantastic dud in the mix, but this time nothing was too offensive - amazing! But I guess I haven't seen them all yet. There was a kimono type wrap top, which they made up in white...so it looked like the model was off to her Judo class. Wasn't too fussed on that one!

What do you guys think? Anything in this line-up that you fancy making?

And don't forget you have until this Friday to enter my giveaway to win fabric, lace and vintage patterns!


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  2. Really like the look of June's issue, love the shorts and trousers and some of the tops...hope it stops raining!


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