Tuesday, 1 March 2011

We'll be right back after these messages...

Apologies for the silence over the last week or so, things suddenly got rather hectic! Ironically, I have lots to post about, I just haven't had the time to do so!

So please bear with me and hopefully soon I'll have up some posts on:

- Some gorgeous fabric that I have bought recently (even if I say so myself!). I can't wait to get using it!
- I made up a vintage pattern top in a fun Ikea fabric (muslin fitting post here)
- I refashioned a mans shirt into a bag
- I'm planning on making a tutorial on the mans shirt refashion so hopefully I'll get this posted soon too
- New patterns I've been buying (I need to stop doing this! lol)
- The vintage patterns I won off the lovely Gina from Vintage Girl!!!! So excited about this!
- Archiving my patterns and fabric

See, lots to post about!!! I'm actually off to Malaga for a long weekend on Thursday (whoop!) so I'll try and schedule a few posts to happen while I'm away (fingers crossed!).

And because I don't like doing a post without a photo I thought I'd share a couple of Hello Kitty sewing machines - I want one! Hee hee

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