Tuesday, 22 February 2011

I'd like to thank my parents, my boyfriend, my stylist, my primary school teacher...

...Oh my, I got an award! Thanks to the lovely Carly over at Carly Makes Stuff I was passed on the Stylish Blogger Award:

As I'm sure you all know, with this award comes 7 facts about it's recipient. So without further ado, I give you ME:

1. I guess my most interesting fact is that, although my parents are both from Northern Ireland, I was born in Kuwait. When I was 1 and half we moved to Jakarta, Indonesia, where I spent most of my childhood. I am really grateful to have such an unusual childhood and I do feel 'at home' whenever I'm in Asia.

2. Following on from number 1 - I went to a British International School in Jakarta, but when I was 15 my parents decided I should study my GCSE's and A-Levels back in the UK so I went off to boarding school in Belfast, while my parents stayed in Jakarta. Everyone was always jealous of where I got to spend my Summer holidays! I have to say I really enjoyed boarding school. Yes it was bitchy at times, but I was never part of that, so I generally just had a lot of fun! (No, it wasn't like Malory Towers! lol)

3. Since I seem to be telling my 'life story' as my facts, lets keep with that theme with fact number 3: I went to Edinburgh University and graduated with Honors BSc Geology! And nope, I'm not working in that field in the slightest!

4. After university I travelled for 20 months. 1 year of that was spent working and travelling around Australia, but the rest was spent in Asia. I went to: India, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand (numerous times!), Loas, Cambodia and Vietnam. As I said earlier - I really do feel at home in Asia. And, I'm off to Thailand for three weeks this summer - can't wait!

5. While I was travelling I learnt to Scuba Dive...and fell in love with it! I've now done over 6o dives and am an Advance diver. Unfortunately because I learnt in the turquoise warm tropical waters of Thailand and the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, the icy cold, silver grey waters of Strangford Lough (N.I) just don't cut it for me! So I don't get to dive as much as I would like to anymore. But I do try to build my holidays around it....so there will definitely be a few dives this summer in Thailand.

6. My boyfriend is almost 10 years older than me. Some people think that's a bit much, but for us, age is just a number. He's my best friend and that's the most important thing. He's turning 40 next month (eek - a big one!)...so I'm buying him his Divers cert so we can go diving together in Thailand (yeay!). (Sorry for the cheesy pic guys!)

7. And a very random one - I cannot watch scary movies. At all. I get spooked so easily even by someone coming up behind me, so scary movies are a definite no no for me!

So there you go, a little insight into what makes me me! And to keep the award going, I nominate the following 7 lovely bloggers, in no particular order (and apologies if you have already got this award - consider yourself extra stylish!):

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Karen @ Did You Make That
Trisha @ Made By Trisha
June @ House of Spoon
Ashley @ Refurl
Kayla @ Heart on my Sleeve
Katherine @ Something In The Way She Sews


  1. Thank you for the nomination!

    Wow, scuba diving! I love the idea of it, but have only been brave enough to snorkel, lol! My husband and I spend our honeymoon in Costa Rica; there were TONS of scuba divers there! Have you ever bumped onto anything scary, like a shark?

    Very jealous of all the traveling you've done. :) Where do you want to go next?

  2. Fun! Thanks for passing on to me. I will get something posted by tomorrow. :)

    It's so much fun to learn about the person behind the blog. I am jealous of all of your traveling!

  3. Hi Ashley and Trisha - my pleasure to pass on the award...I'm looking forward to hearing your 7 facts!

    Ashley - Yep, I've been diving with sharks, but just reef sharks so they aren't a threat. Far scarier (for me) is a fish called a trigger fish which is very aggressive if you get too close to it's 'nest'!!
    Hmm...so many places I would love to go to - New Zealand, Everest Base Camp, South America (all of it - especially Patagonia!), Madagascar...the list goes on!

  4. oo thanks for the nomination! How lovely!

    Your facts are really cool - not a "standard" ni girl by any means!!! And i like the cheesey pic - they're the best kind!!


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