Wednesday, 2 March 2011

I'm A Winner!

As I mentioned in my last post, I was the lucky, lucky winner of a vintage pattern giveaway by the lovely Gina from Vintage Girl!!!

I was beside myself when I opened up the e-mail and discovered I had won the giveaway - it absolutely made my day! So without further ado, lets see the goods:

Three vintage beauties! Let's have a look at them individually shall we:

This lovely dress has a 'smocked' bodice, I'm really interested to see what the pattern before smocking looks like!

As Gina mentioned, I love the pleats on the skirt on the right. And the blouse looks like a perfect wardrobe staple.

And finally, how cute is this dress?! The scooped back is so elegant, and the little bow on the green one is very sweet too.

The best bit - they are all my size ( theory anyway!).

Gina has popped them in the post for me, but they are having to make their way across the Atlantic, so I'm trying to be patient.....(hurry up Mr Postman!)

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  1. NICE! I particularly love the smocked dress, I've never seen another pattern like it! Which one do you think you'll make first?


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