Monday, 28 March 2011

Watch the Birdie....

I'm back! Sorry for my silence. I had well and truly lost my sewing mojo for a while was a sad, sad time*. But The whirring (and occasional swearing) is once again being heard from our top room as I get back into the swing of things.

I've actually had this little top finished for a while now, but I just haven't managed to get some snaps of it. I showed you my muslin trial here, where I deduced that, although it's a tight fitting top, no refitting would be required...I just needed to change my bra! The top is made from a vintage Butterick pattern (3286):

This was my first time using a vintage pattern and I purposefully chose a simple one to start off with. Nothing difficult here and the instructions were easy enough to follow. So I think I will try a more complex one soon. Anyway, on to the finished top:

I used a cheap Ikea cotton fabric which I had left over and needed used up. So because it is cotton, it wrinkles in front of your very eyes, but it is a fun print. Although it's a basic sewing pattern, if you use an interesting print it takes it to another level. I was very pleased to have compliments on the top the very first day I wore it into work!

(you may notice the little companion I had come visit me during my fashion shoot - it's our neighbours cat. I would love a cat of my own, but for now I must settle with sharing my neighbours!!)

Close up shot - wrinkles galore..and I had only ironed it 10 mins ago!!

I don't wear a lot of green but I just happened to have this cardi from Zara which is the exact shade as the fabric so here's the top styled with the cardi (more appropriate for this time of year!!!).

My attempt to wear a skinny belt over the cardi - I love to be able to rock this look, but I'm not enough of an hour-glass shape and I always feel a bit bottom heavy and flat chested when I wear this look!

*It wasn't really a sad, sad time - please don't be worrying!!


  1. I really like it a lot, the print is great! Glad to see you're back!

  2. I love your blouse, it's gorgeous! I also think you can totally pull off the belted cardigan look ;o)

  3. That's so funny, my friend actually gave me this fabric to make her some cushions. As I was making them I distinctly remember thinking, "this would make a lovely top"... and here it is! It's gorgeous and looks fab with the cardigan. I bet you'll make lots more from that pattern. x


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