Wednesday, 5 January 2011

The Curvy Clutch goes glam!

A very HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone, I hope 2011 has been treating you all well so far.

I've got lots to post about, including a summary of 2010 and my plans for 2011, updates on my Trouser sew-along, showing some amazing sewing related Christmas presents (I must have been very good this year!), updates on my sewing class dress and of course there will be more Mode Mondays and Fabulous Fabric posts coming soon.

But before the new year I did promise to post in more detail about the two lovely clutch bags I made as Christmas presents. If you followed the link over to the Craft Christmas Club site then you will recognise this, but I thought I would post it on my blog as well anyway:

I had actually decided not to make anything handmade as presents this Christmas after a rather upsetting experience of spending lots of time and money on a present for a friend that was quite obviously not appreciated. I had blogged all about it at the time, but have since deleted the post as I didn't like having such a negative post up on my blog! Plus, I've had my faith restored in humanity (lol, a little over dramatic perhaps?!) and I decided that I would try again at giving handmade.

My group of friends opt to do Secret Santa for presents - if you haven't heard of this concept before, you basically put all the names of your group in a hat and the name you pull out is who you buy a present for. You also tend to set a limit to spend, so that everyone spends the same amount. It's a great way to save money and time and it means you are more likely to get one 'big' present that you (hopefully!) like rather than lots of little small things that might just be 'crap' (!!).

This year I got my lovely friend Meliosa (pronounced Mel-Lisa, it's Irish) and I knew she would be the perfect person to make a Curvy Clutch for. I had previously made the Curvy Clutch for myself (pattern here) out of red and black Ikea fabric and it really was quite a hit with everyone, especially her - so I thought she deserved her own version!

I found a beautiful red dupion reduced to a bargain £4 a meter so I snapped that up and paired it with a gorgeous gold print my mum had given me and made up the bag. I was very happy with the finished result, but I felt it lacked a little something. So after a scout around the shops I decided to add a flower hair-clip to the lid. It really transforms the bag into something quite glamorous!

I took the finished bag to my mums to show her and she promptly produced a gorgeous pair of newly purchased red heels which she planned to wear out for NYE...and didn't have a bag for..... Now what on earth could she have been getting at?! So, the good daughter that I am, I suggested she keep this bag and I make another one for my friend.

So back to the sewing machine I went! To be honest, I had been having reservations about the gold lining as I remembered that Meliosa never wears gold jewellery, so it turned out for the best that I could make another one in more suitable colours. So here is the bag that she ended up getting:

This is a gun-metal dupion shell with a satin dupion royal purple lining. The photo's don't quite do the colours justice unfortunately.

Based on the response to her opening her present, I recon she was pretty pleased with her lovely new clutch. And as chance had it, she was planning on wearing a purple dress on Christmas day, so it was perfect!


  1. These are gorgeous! That's so cute and funny how your mom took over the red clutch.

  2. Hi Kristie, thanks for your comment - glad you liked the clutches :)
    I know, it was quite funny that my mum 'demanded' the red clutch - but you know what, I was actually really touched and almost 'honored' that she did. She is an AMAZING seamstress so for her to like something enough to want to use it meant a lot to me :)


Thank you so much for your comments - they really do make my day!

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