Monday, 31 January 2011

Mode Monday - Tribal

It's a look that has had many resurrections, and I do love it every time - perhaps it's from growing up in Indonesia that draws me back to the patterns and shapes that come with the 'tribal' look. Here are a few collections of the current incarnation of the trend:

Tribal Accessories

Tribal Accessories by Su-Sews-So-So featuring tribal jewelry

It's amazing how a fantastic print or fabric can transform quite a simple garment style. I guess that's what dressmaking opens your eyes up to. The problem is trying to track down that fabulous fabric!!!


  1. I love that purple dress (bottom left) its gorgeous!

  2. ooh i want those shoes on the bottom right! awesome and amazing.. except that i can't walk in heels haha

  3. hi! this is so exciting another sewing blog in ni!! Your blog is gorgeous! I live in islandmagee, but work in Belfast (o the joys of traffic jam in the morning) I was so excited to hear that your parents live near me...i was sure i would know them - as lots of my family come from whitehead - buuuut..i don't think i do! o well!

    Anyway i'll be exploring your blog now, so cool to have a craft-ally in this area, there isn't many of us about!

    june x

  4. I love this look too, especially with the color combinations you picked! It would be tough for me to pick a favorite from those dresses.


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