Wednesday, 26 January 2011

My life-long dream of making bags...

I mentioned in my post yesterday that it has always been a little dream of mine to make and sell bags. Well, to prove just how long I have had this dream check this out. An old friend of mine sent me the following scans of a 'promo voucher' I made years ago:

Front and Back


Unfortunately the scan is a little blurry so apologies if you can't read it (you could try clicking on the images to see a larger version). It was a folded 'leaflet' of sorts, with the front being dark brown with a little tan plaid bag (cut out of fabric) and with "Handbags by Suzie" written on it. Inside I have drawn a plethora of sample bags (that are obviously available for the Suzie Bags range!) and it says:

Suzie Bags
Handmade handbags for all occassions (shame the creator can't spell!)...
The latest craze to his the shops. Waiting lists are months long.
BUT...this special voucher ensures the owner to skip to the front of the list and snatch up the latest designs before they even reach the stores!!

Cringe! Ha ha, it's so cute. My friend has asked if the voucher is still valid...I think I see another bag being made soon!

P.S. Yes, unfortunately my speeling is still bad...thank god for spell checker! ;)


  1. I love your bag in your previous post its gorgeous!

  2. Go for it! Even if you start with a small Etsy shop with a few made on demand items it's a start!
    I have cut my fabric for the trousers sew along and as I'm home today stuck with a cold I might start sewing. I'll see how it goes.
    Regarding the overlocker foot I have a Janome DC3050. I have no idea how different it is from a real overlocker stitch. I can send you a photo (or link) to the foot, if you want? What machine do you use?


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