Friday, 21 January 2011

Christmas Goodies

Gosh, I really am an awful blogger!!!! It's just so hard to find the time in the day to post about something - so I'm sorry I've not blogged in a wee while...I'll try and be better....

Well anyway, as promised in this post, I got a few delicious sewing related Crimbo presents last year (ha ha, that makes it sound like ages ago!) that I wanted to share with you.....

My brother, who lives in Australia, ordered Vogue Sewing for me, which was such a lovely surprise! I didn't think he really knew that I had got into sewing. I have another sewing reference book, but Vogue Sewing is at a completely different level. It goes into so much detail and shows more couture methods of doing things, so it fun to compare and contrast the two books. For some techniques I do, however, prefer my old book as they use photos rather than sketches to help explain things, which sometimes are easier to understand. But, lots of hints and tips for altering garments in Vogue Sewing that's not in my old book at all. I've taken a snap shot of one of the alteration pages in Vogue:

And my second present just BLEW ME AWAY when I opened it. Honestly, I was speechless!! Check these bad boys out:

My gorgeous, wonderful, thoughtful, sweet boyfriend had ordered me a Tailor's Ham and Seam Roll, from no other but the one and only Cupcake Goddess!!!! I really was so shocked. How did he know I was coveting them? How did he even know how to FIND them?!!! Turns out I was ogling over this very set one day and happened to show him, so he ran away and wrote the website address down! Awww!! See girls, even if your bloke doesn't look like he's listening to you, he really is. Word of caution if you do buy a set off the Cupcake Goddess and you live in the UK - you may get hit by hefty customs charges - unfortunately my boyfriend was. But, I've given the ham quite a few goes and I have to say the customs charges were totally worth is a REVELATION in ironing!!! Princess Seams are a doddle now, I love it!!

And I have been sewing this week, busy trying to finish my sewing class dress (which I can't really call my 'sewing class' dress since I haven't been to the last few classes!!). It's coming along nicely but boy did I have a lot of alterations to do to it! I'll post about it soon.

But this weekend I'll be sewing something else - I'm working on a secret project which I will reveal all about next week (so long as I don't mess it up!!!!!)...I am so excited!
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