Thursday, 1 December 2011

Look–a finished project!

purple sorbetto 013
Well, can you believe it – I actually have photos of a finished project and can finally share something tangible on this ol’ blog!
So, as I’ve mentioned previously, I made up the infamous Sorbetto top. Initially I made it in it’s original form – without sleeves. But sleevless tops and I just don’t see eye-to-eye so I decided to add the sleeves. It did help, but I’m still not totally convinced with it! I bound the neck with pale pink bias binding. It’s not quite the right shade, but was the closest the shop had…and I think it’s also the wrong width. So the bias binding is probably one of the things I’m not overjoyed with, and maybe one day I may change it. On the plus side, this is quite a frugal make because you can cut this top out of less than a yard of fabric!!
Anyway, here are a few shots of me trying to style it up. Excuse the bad poses, it’s early days in my ‘modelling’ career!
purple sorbetto 003
Workin’ my ‘Autumn Palette’ colours (oh god, please don’t ask me about those plans I made….still working on it!! They might be ready for next Autumn!)

purple sorbetto 005
Sans cardi

purple sorbetto 006
Adding a bit of sparkle…

P.S. Who’s got their tree up? As of one hour ago, I do!! Woohoo…bring on the festivities!
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