Friday, 25 November 2011

Please don’t go…I’m still here!

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear! My poor little blog has been terribly neglected for over 6 weeks. I’ve actually been quite busy with the sewing machine (although it has been acting up a lot…I have now become very familiar with the little screw on the bobbin holder) but my problem has been with the light. I know this has been an issue with a lot of Northern Hemisphere bloggers at the moment…trying to find an opportunity to get some decent pictures of our projects during daylight hours. Now that I am going to work in the dark, and coming home in the dark (and suffering from SAD….thinking about getting a lamp…anyone got one and have any recommendations?) the only chance is at the weekends, and unfortunately I just haven’t had any opportunities (my boyfriend thinks weekends should be spent with HIM, not in the sewing room – the cheek of him! Tasia’s post this week made me think of that!).
If you have been following me on Twitter (@Su_Sews_So_So) then you may have noticed a few Instagram pics that I posted. With no other decent project photos, and the blog being non-existent lately, I thought I’d share them on here too:
As I mentioned in a previous post, I have been beavering away on making bags to sell. These are my latest pieces, but I really want to get a decent amount made up before I launch my shop and do a full reveal – do for now, this is just a sneak peak!
I posted this last night as they were hot off the sewing machine. I’ve made a couple of mini handbags for my two nieces for Christmas and I’m so pleased with how they turned out! I’ll see if I can get a proper ‘photo shoot’ of them this weekend and share them with you all next week – and then I have to get them wrapped and in the post asap as one will be winging it’s way to Australia.
And I have also made a Sorbetto top, out of beautiful buttery voile…but I’m not overly joyed with it so I haven’t been very excited about sharing it on here! My boyfriend and my mum both say it’s lovely, but I personally think that it doesn’t really suit me. Ah well, I guess I will share it on here and see what you guys all think.
Finally, I am STILL (yes, still!) working on my purple Jenny skirt that I mentioned on this post. I’m currently fighting with the invisible zip. It’s in, and it looks OK…but it’s not really ‘invisible’ at the moment, so I’m trying to sew it a bit closer…but it involves a lot of cursing and screaming so I’ve been putting it off a little! Now that I’ve got the Christmas pressie bags done I have no excuse I can focus on the skirt.
And even though I have been rather quiet on the blog, I’m delighted that over 100 of you decided you liked the place enough to click ‘follow’ on Google Connect! Thanks so much guys. Sorry I’ve let you down recently…how can I make it up to you? Oh I know…how about a giveaway??!!! That sounds like a plan, a wee Christmas treat for one of you – I’ll post details soon!
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