Monday, 20 June 2011

Burda Style July

 Well the first glimpse of the July Burda Style magazine is up on the German website. I was really excited about June's offerings, but unfortunately not as much with July:

I actually really like this dress - but 2 things mean I will never make it: 1. it's a knit and I haven't attempted knit fabrics yet (!) and 2. the big tie detail would draw attention straight to my hips - which is my biggest part! It looks really lovely on the model though!
 I'm a sucker for anything blue at the moment, so this is probably affecting my opinion of this top - but trying to look past that, I do think this could be quite a nice work top.

 This Kimono looks nice enough, but again, I would probably never make this.

 Cute enough, and lovely on the right person - but not my style.

 These look like very nice trousers and I would be tempted to try these...

 Interesting design - but I fear I may look like I'm wearing a tent, or am pregnant, in this dress!

 There seems to be a 'black' theme in this magazine, so the next few a all black. It's hard to make out the details of this dress without the technical drawing, so I look forward to seeing that, as potentially it looks like a nice shape.

 Same for this skirt, could be one to add to be ever growing pencil skirt pattern collection!

 Nice, but a knit - so not for me (at the moment!)

 I think this could be a winner for many people - it looks like a classic shirt/t-shirt which would suit a lot of people.

This dress may be the deal maker or breaker for me - at the moment I really like it, and think it would really suit my shape - but I want to see the technical drawing.

On to a purple theme now. I think this could be quite a nice smart/casual dress that would be very comfortable to wear.

 This jacket would really suit my shape - but I'm no where near ready to tackle tailoring!

 And this is a STUNNER! BUT - it's plus size! Yeay, for the larger lady...but I'm not sure I'm skilled enough to scale it down. Perhaps I could give it a go....

 Another lovely plus size dress.

 And another.

So what does everyone think? Anything here that excites you and makes you want to get your paws on the July copy?

You can see these and more designs from July here. And you can see some model shots here.

And I shall leave you with Burda's favourite fashion item - the over sized/harem pant....Why Burda, why?

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  1. If you keep passing up knit patterns because you haven't sewn knits yet, then you never will. ;-) Give them a try - they are easier to sew than you think.


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