Tuesday, 25 January 2011

My first commissioned bag!

I mentioned in this post that last weekend I was working on a secret project. Well it was really only a secret because I was terrified I might mess it up! But luckily all went well and I was pleased to churn out my very first commissioned curvy clutch!! You may have seen my previous versions of this bag here and here.

I was commissioned to make this bag by a friend of my mum's friend (can you follow that!) who is attending a wedding next weekend (er - she's the mother of the bride!! No pressure!!!) and was having a lot of trouble finding the 'perfect' bag to go with her outfit. My mum had the clutch I had made her with her for NYE and apparently her friend was quite taken with it so mentioned to this lady that she knew someone who might be able to make a bag for her! After a few consultations with my mum (to see the clutch and discuss timings and materials) she agreed she would like me to make the bag and provided me with the fabric which she had chosen from the fabric shop.

I am really delighted with the end result - she picked such gorgeous fabric!! The outer casing is quite a stiff silver/cream embellished fabric (which actually is perfect for this style) and the lining is a lovely purple/blue satin (which was the colour of her dress). She also asked for me to sew the lovely diamante embellishment on, which she had clipped off her dress!! I made the inner pocket from the silver material, as a nice contrast and to break up the purple a little.

I didn't deliver the bag directly to her, but the feedback was very good and apparently she is delighted with the bag (phew!!!) and has insisted I keep the left over fabric (score!) and has some little brooches which she thinks I might like too (double score!). And of course, she paid me for the bag. Yeay!

It has always been a little dream of mine to have a little crafty business, and in particular - making bags. So maybe this is my first step in that direction. I'm so grateful of my mum's friend for thinking of me :)


  1. Congratulations! The bag looks beautiful. I love the fabric, too.

  2. It's such a gorgeous bag, well done! I think you have all the chance of moving ahead with your dream :)

  3. It looks great Suzie! Your first commission, very exciting, I'm jealous! Have you tried setting up an etsy shop to get started?


  4. Thanks for all the lovely comments and encouragment guys!
    @ Carly - I have looked into it, and I would absolutely love to do it, but I feel I need to make a few more bags first! I would like to try and set one up this year though...

    ..watch this space (eek!)


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