Friday, 9 July 2010

Putting the RUFF in Ruffles!

I had to share this find - it's just too crazy and wrong for words! As I said in a previous post, I have been spending a bit of time on E-bay recently (erm...too long me thinks!)..and while browsing sewing patterns I happened upon this...this...this....well....I don't know what to say about it!!!

WHO DOES THAT??!!! Crazy I tell you!

So I ordered 5! ;)


On another note, I have received a good few of the patterns I ordered on E-bay this week and I was excited to rummage through the patterns included in this lot: I had mentioned before, there were quite a few 80's shoulderpadded crimes to fashion included in the mix. Really not my cup of tea. So - here's the thing...I'm going to offer them up to anyone out there on the Ethernet who might be into those sorts of things. I'll do another post showing each of the patterns up for grabs - my first give away of sorts!
Out of the mix I did manage to score a few patterns which I think I will enjoy making.

But hey - my loss could be your gain! Stay tuned for the 'give-away' post!

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  1. OK, that dog costume is crazy but, I gotta say, it's cooler than most of the other doggie outfits I've seen!


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