Monday, 5 July 2010

iPhone + Ebay app = Expensive Addiction!!

Oh dear...this weekend I discovered the E-Bay app for my iPhone. I'm not sure why I hadn't discovered it sooner, but I think that can only be a good thing...otherwise I think by now I would be broke!

The E-Bay app is soooo easy to use. In fact, I think it is easier to navigate that the web version. It's so easy to search for things, browse them and the easiest thing of all - placing a bid!!!!

So, after my busy weekend on E-Bay I am the proud owner of the following items which are currently winging their way to me:

 A job lot. They only had one pic so I had to just take a chance on this one! Most look a bit like 80's power suits with HUGE shoulder pads (shudder - one of my pet hates...I don't know if I will ever be able to like them!). I was attracted to the job lot though for the three patterns in the bottom left of the photo - some potentially nice patterns there - lets hope I'm right!

 I was looking for a blouse pattern when I stumbled on this auction. Decided the blouse was pretty nice, and the dress and trousers an added bonus! The envelope is ripped but the description assured that the pattern was intact - so I hope they were telling the truth!

 From reading all the lovely sewing blogs out there I have discovered that vintage pattern sewing is a really popular choice - and seems to be some-what addictive by the sounds of it! This isn't perhaps as vintage as most bloggers are going for, but it's still from the 70's. I was drawn to this pattern for the yellow and blue dresses - I think their styles would suit me quite well.

Another 70's pattern and I LOVE this one!! I'm so glad a won this auction! I'm just loving the wrap-around shirt action and I know its a style that will suit me well. The only issue is that its a size 14 - and I'm probably more a size I will have to make a muslin and see how much I might need to take it in (for my prides' sake...please let me have to take it in!!! - for my laziness sake, maybe not having to have to take it in will be ok!)

I also discovered that you can get back-copies of Burda Style magazine on E-Bay...but apparently a lot of other people knew that as well and I was outbid on two copies. Damn it! I shall keep looking!
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